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Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 266 of 1043 players
Mark William Clark
Born: May 12, 1968 at Bath, Ill.
Throws: Right Bats: Right
Height: 6.05 Weight: 225

Mark Clark was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on December 22, 2010.


First Mets game: April 6, 1996
Last Mets game: August 7, 1997

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May 9, 2001
Clark was a horrendous hitter. He had a total of 5 hits in his two years with the Mets. But I remember he hit a home run that helped him win a game.

The Mets got him on the eve of the '96 season and he was great that year. The '96 team was bad, and he was by far the best pitcher on the staff that year.

May 23, 2001
I happened to be at the game where Mark Clark hit his HR. It was in 97, first interleague series vs Boston. Oddly enough, he also took a no-hitter into the 8th inning that day--ended up leaving the game in the 8th, he was pretty wild that day, I think he walked in a run at one point, but still a strong effort. I remember in the 5th inning, my friend sent me in to get food, and I figured nothing would happen, with Ordonez and Clark scheduled up, so I say to him, "Watch, I'll go in for food, and Mark Clark will hit a HR." And sure enough, he did. Talk about prophetic :P. Probably Clark's best game in what was a relatively unspectacular, albeit consistent, career.

Mike G.
February 15, 2002
His nickname was the GENERAL

Joe Figliola
March 20, 2002
Seems like everyone remembers the man with the Dr. Seuss name (as some beat reporters referred to him) hitting that home run. See? Miracles do happen on nationally televised baseball games.

To this day, that Cub trade left a bad taste in my mouth because Mark and Lance Johnson were rather valuable veteran cogs to a team that was gunning for a playoff spot in 1997. Had they remained, perhaps it would've been the Mets, not the Marlins, winning the World Series that year!

Mr. Sparkle
November 5, 2002
I wasn't too excited when the Mets got him having seen him pitch a few years earlier for the Cardinals. He wasn't very impressive for them. But when he came to the Mets he was pretty decent. A good #4 starter. He came into his own and although he was no star he was the kinda guy who could give you "innings". He could pitch long into a game and always gave up a few runs but always seemed to keep the Mets in the game. I don't believe he did too well with the Cubs though. Is he still playing?

Doctor Worm
May 31, 2006
The only Met player to ever wear #54.

Joni Richardson
March 16, 2007
I think Mark Clark is pretty awesome. I also live in Bath where Mark lives and he was my son's t-ball coach and my son really liked him and felt special to have him as a coach. He is a very good role model for children who want to play baseball.

December 11, 2008
I really thought he would have a better and longer career than he did. He always seemed solid to me, granted I was younger, and didn't know about how important strikeouts per 9 innings were, and stuff like that.

But I was sorry to see him go.

Anthony R.
July 1, 2010
Stupid trading a decent starting pitcher away when we were in the wild card race in 1997.

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