Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't you list players' uniform numbers?

There's already a comprehensive site that lists uniform numbers for every player in Mets history. It's called Mets By the Numbers, and we include a link to the site at the bottom of each page in The Ultimate Mets Database. If you want to know anything at all about Mets uniform numbers, that's the place to go.

As of March 18, 2013, we now, in association with Mets By the Numbers, do have uniform numbers incorporated into our database. Take a look, for example, at our All-Time Numerical Roster.

My neighbor/friend/co-worker once played for the Mets. Why isn't he listed?
Our database has been online since just before the 1999 season, and we've received numerous e-mails telling us that we've missed one player or another, almost always based on the word of the alleged missing player. We used to check out every claim, but never once discovered that we had, in fact missed anybody. We are now convinced that we do have every Mets player listed on our site.

So the answer to your question is that your friend isn't listed because, despite what he says, he really never did play for the Mets, at least not in a regular season game. Maybe he played in the Mets minor-league system. (You can search our database for Mets minor leaguers on this page.) Or maybe he even played for the big-league club in a spring training game. Or maybe he's simply lying, in an attempt to make himself seem more important or impressive by conjuring up an imaginary past. We'll let you decide whether to call him on it, or to simply feel pity for him.

If you still think your friend played for the Mets, you'll have to provide us with proof. A good place to start is at Sports Illustrated's web site. Look for your player here and, if you find that your guy did play for the Mets, then write to us and let us know.

When will you list player's hobbies?
Probably never. We acknowledge that many fans are interested in knowing player's hobbies, but we don't count ourselves among them. We suspect that a listing of player hobbies would end up looking like an endless repetition of hunting, fishing, and golf.

What about nicknames?
While nicknames are, in our opinion, more interesting than player hobbies (see above), we don't think that there have been that many interesting examples in Mets history. In the cases where an individual's nickname is prominent enough to become the name that he is more or less officially known by, (Choo Choo Coleman, for example. Or Vinegar Bend Mizell or Mookie Wilson) we do, of course, list it.

A few players have had nicknames that were colorful and frequently heard, such as Dwight Gooden's "Doctor K" or Dave Kingman's "King Kong" or "Sky King." Perhaps, some day, we'll start listing such nicknames, but we have no plans to do so in the foreseeable future. Oftentimes, nicknames are either uninspired ("Kooz" for Jerry Koosman or "Krane" for Ed Kranepool) or virtually ignored. (There was one reference to Benny Agbayani as "The Hawaiian Nightmare" during the 2000 post-season.) We don't expect that we'll ever acknowledge this category of nicknames, other than in this paragraph.

How do I add game memories?
Find the game that you remember by either selecting the season or the opponent from the drop down lists at the top of each page, and then scrolling through the game results. Click on the hyperlinked number at the left of the game date, and you're on your way.

Why isn't Jerry Moses listed?
Jerry Moses, a catcher who played for the Red Sox, Yankees and five other clubs during a ten-year major league career, was on the Mets active roster during part of the 1975 season, but he never appeared in a game. Some have argued that his presence on the regular-season active roster should earn him a spot in our database, but we disagree. Our all-time roster is limited to players who have played in at least one official regular-season game. We've also received questions about Glenn Davis, Terry Puhl, and Charlie Hayes, big-league veterans who played in Mets spring training games. We're not including them, either, for the same reason.

Is there an Ultimate Yankees Database?
Not that we know of! If anybody wants to put such a site together, they have our best wishes. Given that the Yankees' history is much longer than the Mets', and stretches back to a more remote period of time, a Yankees database would be a substantial task. And we're not going to be the ones to do it. The Ultimate Mets Database is in many ways a labor of love, and rest assured, we have no love for the Yankees.

Do you have a list of players who have played for both the Mets and the Yankees?

Do you have a list of Mets third basemen?

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