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DAVID AARDSMA Share your memories of David Aardsma
David Aardsma's complete Mets profile
Rick Astley
August 11, 2015
He is first on the Mets alphabetical list. He wore number 30. He struck out this guy once on this team. He replied to one of my tweets. He said, "Thanks. Appreciate it."

DON AASE Share your memories of Don Aase
Don Aase's complete Mets profile
August 11, 2015
I too was at Shea for the sickening loss of 8/20/89. The only more deflating homer by an opponent I've ever seen in person was the one in 1987 that Terry Pendleton hit off Roger McDowell.

I looked to see why Davey Johnson didn't bring in Myers that day. It would have been a 2 1/3-inning save for Aase had he been able to get the last out. Said Davey: "Myers was available. Once Aase got the first two hitters out, I was giving him a chance to get a save. He was throwing the ball well."

But Davey, why didn't you just bring in Myers to start the 9th?

JACK AKER Share your memories of Jack Aker
Jack Aker's complete Mets profile
david lozano
August 11, 2015
With the use of computer I checked to what Jack is doing. He was running free baseball clinics for Native Americans on the reservations in New Mexico since 1988. Since then he has been running baseball camps from kids 5 years old and up. A great manager and great teacher of the game of baseball.

KEVIN BASS Share your memories of Kevin Bass
Kevin Bass's complete Mets profile
August 11, 2015
More memorable for things he did (and did not do!) as an Astro than as a Met, but I second the remark about his skill at impersonations - the Keith Jackson one they aired before game 3 of the 86 NLCS is side-splitting

ED BAUTA Share your memories of Ed Bauta
Ed Bauta's complete Mets profile
Jim OMalley
August 11, 2015
I sent him a card and he graciously autographed it as well. I can't say how appreciative I am.

BUTCH BENTON Share your memories of Butch Benton
Butch Benton's complete Mets profile
August 11, 2015
He played for two seasons in the Puerto Rican Baseball Winter League with the Ponce Lions. His first season in 1978 was really great, I think he was the MVP of the team. Everybody was thinking he was going to be the next Johnny Bench. He used to do everything well, he was great, but later I don't know what happened, he never received a good opportunity. He had no luck and his personal life affected him. He was a great catcher; his numbers don't show the real Benton.

ED BRESSOUD Share your memories of Ed Bressoud
Ed Bressoud's complete Mets profile
August 11, 2015
I absolutely agree with the above comment on family or friends of the player that comments here on the site. It makes it extra special for all of us who can only watch and read about the players. As for Eddie Bressoud, I was so excited when he came to the Mets but could never understand in my young mind why he was gone after one year especially after having a pretty good year when these Met teams (of the 60s) were absolutely awful. Same thing goes for Tommy Davis, Ken Boyer, and all the others that left so quickly. Now that I'm older, of course I know there are so many factors involved as to why a player stays or leaves but as a kid I was heartbroken when guys like this were gone after only one year. But thanks Eddie for giving us fans some excitement in those early years.

MIKE BRUHERT Share your memories of Mike Bruhert
Mike Bruhert's complete Mets profile
Howard Bacharach
August 11, 2015
I knew Mike through the army reserves back in the early 1970s. I still remember being at Summer camp either at fort Dix or fort Meade Maryland. Mike bought down a couple of gloves and he asked me to warm him up . After 5 minutes my left hand was beet red. I never saw anybody throw the ball that hard. An experience I will never forget!

MARLON BYRD Share your memories of Marlon Byrd
Marlon Byrd's complete Mets profile
August 11, 2015
Great pick up at the time, and they got a good trade out of him as well, picking up a solid reliever who if only he could stay healthy and a pretty good young 2nd baseman in Dilson Herrera.

DON CARDWELL Share your memories of Don Cardwell
Don Cardwell's complete Mets profile
Harold cardwell
August 8, 2015
Don Cardwell was my uncle and he was truly a great guy to be around. Don had the quiet confidence in himself. I had so many wonderful times with my uncle. He would always treat our family to see him when he came to Los Angeles to play the Dodgers. Don would come to our home and enjoy the time we had together. We saw him pitch to the Dodgers with great match ups of he and Sandy Koufax and Don Drysdale. It was a great time in my lifetime and I will never forget him.

Dennis Cardwell
August 11, 2015
There is so much that I could say about my uncle Don. Yes he was a very humble nice man as this is a trait that runs in the entire Cardwell family. Don was a huge inspiration to me in so many ways. I am very proud of his accomplishments both on and off of the baseball field. In 1969 I was serving our country in the Republic of Vietnam with the 1st. Marine Division. I missed the World Series that year with the amazing Mets but my uncle did not forget that he had family serving our country at that time so the comment about the beads to Ron Swoboda was a reflecting of my uncle's love for his country. A number of members of his family served our country and Don was very proud of that. He was great in my world and will always be in my heart and prayer service. I look forward to seeing him again in heaven! You can count on him as a starter in heaven for he was truly a good man and loved our God with all of his heart! I thank all for your nice comments on my uncle Don! May God bless your lives! Dennis Cardwell

DUKE CARMEL Share your memories of Duke Carmel
Duke Carmel's complete Mets profile
August 11, 2015
I met Duke through a friends father who was also in the Liquor Business at the time and spent a lot of time boating with him on the Great South Bay in the early 80's. He was a great guy and a lot of fun, that boat was loaded with so much liquor it wasn't even funny !

ELIO CHACON Share your memories of Elio Chacon
Elio Chacon's complete Mets profile
Natalie Chacon
August 11, 2015
I am the daughter of Elio Chacon, the reason he stopped playing in 1962 is because my mother was pregnant with me and she was under age.

DEAN CHANCE Share your memories of Dean Chance
Dean Chance's complete Mets profile
NYB Buff
August 11, 2015
Dean pitched in three games with the Mets in 1970. I remember that in a photo from the Mets yearbook in 1971 (which was released before his trade to the Tigers), he was shown next to Tom Seaver and wearing number 27. In other pictures in the book, he wears uniform #32.

The information on this website indicates that Dean had #27 as a Met. However, baseball-reference.com says he had #32. What number did Dean REALLY wear for those three games with the orange and blue in '70? Does anyone know?

RICH CHILES Share your memories of Rich Chiles
Rich Chiles's complete Mets profile
August 11, 2015
I remember how briefly he played for the Mets, and that I figured his major league career was over when they sent him down. I was surprised when he resurfaced with the Twins in 1977.

MICHAEL CONFORTO Share your memories of Michael Conforto
Michael Conforto's complete Mets profile
Shickhaus Franks
August 11, 2015
The young man can play ball and he's only going to get better with time plus he comes from athletic stock: His dad played at "Linebacker U" aka PENN STATE under Joe Pa and his mom, Rosie Ruiz is a Olympic gold medalist in the difficult sport of synchronized swimming. FYI: Rosie still probably looks good in a swimsuit!

COLLIN COWGILL Share your memories of Collin Cowgill
Collin Cowgill's complete Mets profile
Gets by Buckner
August 11, 2015
For his first month he was considered the second coming of Willie Mays then...he became the second coming of Juan Samuel playing center field

CARLOS DIAZ Share your memories of Carlos Diaz
Carlos Diaz's complete Mets profile
Judi Thompson
August 11, 2015
Met him in San Juan PR back in the day. Hope he's doing well.

STEVE DILLON Share your memories of Steve Dillon
Steve Dillon's complete Mets profile
Matt (mrmc)
August 11, 2015
He pitched in the first night game at Shea Stadium and the first game my wife's grandfather went to at Shea, May 6, 1964. Grandpa Bill says he gave up a home run in the 9th to Vada Pinson that hit 2/3 up on the old scoreboard in right field, further than Strawberry's shot. That was the last game Dillon ever pitched in the majors. Didn't really affect the game, they lost 12-4, dropping their record to 3-16, Let's go Mets!!

NINO ESPINOSA Share your memories of Nino Espinosa
Nino Espinosa's complete Mets profile
July 30, 2015
Went to a game in '76 against Cincinnati fresh off 1 World Series win and destined to win again that year. Nino pitched an impressive 7 innings against a legendary lineup (Rose, Bench, Griffey, Morgan, Perez) and the Mets won 2-1. Also the final out of the game was a nice catch off a foul pop up by Mets 1B, Joe Torre.

Bill S.
August 11, 2015
My memory of Nino Espinosa made him one of my favorite athletes of all time. In July 1980, I arrived at Wrigley Field a couple of hours before a Cubs/Phillies game. I was one of the first fans at the game, but a man with his red-headed son, about 8 years old, were sitting near the bullpen. The excitement in the 8 year old indicated this was the first game he had attended. Dallas Green, a catcher (don't remember who), and Nino Espinosa went down to the bullpen to do a little throwing. Nino was injured at the time. Before he started throwing, Nino took off his warm-up jacket and asked the boy to hold it. After he completed his throwing, Nino got his jacket back and handed the youngster the ball. A minor kindness perhaps, but one that stood out then and still does now in contrast to so many professional athletes today.

JOHN FRANCO Share your memories of John Franco
John Franco's complete Mets profile
Gets by Buckner
August 11, 2015
Whenever you hear John speak on the radio or during an interview, you just hear the love he has for the Mets and how much he REALLY wanted to win a championship here!!

DANNY FRISELLA Share your memories of Danny Frisella
Danny Frisella's complete Mets profile
Michele Frisella
August 11, 2015
I was in eighth grade when I met Danny. He was playing for the Mets and came to St. Louis, where I grew up. My uncle saw his name and invited him to his house to meet the St. Louis Frisellas. I think it was decided Danny's grandfather was a cousin of my grandfather.

In high school, I became a big Cardinals fan and would see Danny at the games when he pitched for Pittsburgh. I may have seen him when I worked at Busch Stadium during my college summers. I had left St. Louis by the time he pitched for the Cardinals.

BRENT GAFF Share your memories of Brent Gaff
Brent Gaff's complete Mets profile
Jim C
August 11, 2015
September 14, 1984 Mets vs Cubs at Wrigley Field. I was at that game and as a Cub fan the 84 Cubs were the first Cub team in my lifetime to make the playoffs and the Mets were a big rival being in the same division and all. Brent Gaff came in to pitch the 6th inning with the Mets trailing the Cubs and eventual 84 Cy Young winner Rick Sutcliffe 2-0. Top of the Cubs order was up, Bob Dernier singled, Ryne Sandberg walked and both advanced a base on a wild pitch. Gary Mathews struck out,Leon Durham was intentionally walked to load the bases for Keith Moreland who grounded out scoring a run with runners advancing to second and third. Ron Cey was intentionally walked to load the bases for Cub Catcher Jody Davis. On a cool and overcast day Jody Davis took a Brent Gaff pitch and deposited in the bleachers for a Grand Slam and the place went wild! It was exciting, everyone was thrilled! Poor Brent Gaff made this Cub fan very happy that day at his expense.

Gaff graduated from Churubusco High School in Churubusco Indiana about 16 miles Northwest of Fort Wayne, IN. So I assume he probably grew up either a Cub or Tiger fan. Whatever the case was that was my cherished Brent Gaff memory!

JOHN GIBBONS Share your memories of John Gibbons
John Gibbons's complete Mets profile
August 11, 2015
If my research is correct, Gibbons was the first Met player born after the first Met game ever in 1962.

JESSE GONDER Share your memories of Jesse Gonder
Jesse Gonder's complete Mets profile
August 11, 2015
About Gonder's "hit" snagged by Tony Taylor in Jim Bunning's no-hitter: Wasn't Johnny Stephenson the Mets catcher that day? I think Stephenson caught and made the last out. Was Gonder even with the team at that point?

DWIGHT GOODEN Share your memories of Dwight Gooden
Dwight Gooden's complete Mets profile
Thomas Williamson
August 11, 2015
I will forever remember watching Doc smoke a fastball up the first baseline for a triple. I'll never forget the dominance and thought he put into every aspect of the game. Does anyone remember that game? I was young and all I can remember was watching it pull right over the first base bag. From the early nineties...

DALLAS GREEN Share your memories of Dallas Green
Dallas Green's complete Mets profile
50 year fan
August 11, 2015
He was just cashing a check. The only team he has ever cared about is the Phillies. He still works for them. He was working for the Phillies while he supposedly managed the Mets. He is a Delaware Phillie. Has always been closely connected to the ownership group that was part of the Dupont family there.

DON HAHN Share your memories of Don Hahn
Don Hahn's complete Mets profile
Frank the Met
August 11, 2015
Don Hahn was one of the great defensive centerfielders of his day. Because he was a below average offensive player, history records him as an obscure journeyman. But remember, he did get the key hit in Game 5 of the 1973 World Series, putting the Mets up 3 games to 2. Had the Mets won that World Series, Don Hahn would today be remembered as one of the great Met contributors, a legend in the sense similar to Al Weiss.

JACK HAMILTON Share your memories of Jack Hamilton
Jack Hamilton's complete Mets profile
August 11, 2015
I remember one late season relief appearance where he threw NOTHING but strikes...not one ball.

TIM HARKNESS Share your memories of Tim Harkness
Tim Harkness's complete Mets profile
Tim Harkness jr
August 11, 2015
Wow,after posting the fond memories of my dad and now going back a few years later and reading some fantastic memories from his fans is absolutely stunning. My father and mother are both doing well, living just east of Toronto and I and my family are about 10 minutes from them. He is still a true 'baseball' man loving the game to this day. My 2 sons are incredible baseball players, one playing college in Ontario and my youngest on a baseball scholarship at the University of Evansville in Indiana. Thanks to all the previous posts and I will be sure to show him them all, thank you.

MATT HARVEY Share your memories of Matt Harvey
Matt Harvey's complete Mets profile
Earl The Mets Fan
August 11, 2015
Greatest thing to happen to the Mets since Seaver

AARON HEILMAN Share your memories of Aaron Heilman
Aaron Heilman's complete Mets profile
August 11, 2015
My memories of Aaron Heilman are, that he was one of those guys you could always count on blowing a lead.

KEITH HERNANDEZ Share your memories of Keith Hernandez
Keith Hernandez's complete Mets profile
Jim Snedeker
August 11, 2015
I remember reading a newspaper article Keith wrote about his experiences as a Met and being in New York.

He said that when he learned he'd been traded to the Mets, he was scared to death, because he thought anyone who walked the city streets would be beaten up or murdered. His feelings began to change when a cab driver refused to accept his money for a ride.

Now look at him--about as New York as you can get!

George P
August 11, 2015
I was at lots of games at Shea, 2 rows up in box seats off the first base line. What impressed me about Mr. Hernandez was his size. He was a big guy. Also, he has said he turned his glove left or right in the hope of getting a slight advantage on an inside or outside pitch knowing what was coming from Doc, Ronnie, Bobby, et al. Also, on an obvious bunt situation, he would charge the plate and those throws to either second or third were remarkable outs. A great player. Best overall first baseman I have seen in my 63 years. Hall of Fame in my mind, but the blow, I feel, blew his shot at it. I hope you enjoyed my memories. Please respond back for yours. Let's Go Metsies!!!


JERRY HINSLEY Share your memories of Jerry Hinsley
Jerry Hinsley's complete Mets profile
Ed K
August 11, 2015
First Met teenage pitcher and second Met teenager after Ed Kranepool.

RON HODGES Share your memories of Ron Hodges
Ron Hodges's complete Mets profile
August 11, 2015
He wore 42

His number is retired..

Nuff said..

Anyway, one thing I remember is he was the first player I ever noticed that had no bill on his catching helmet..

He was a player under the radar that stuck around on the roster..

I always thought he retired in 84... I am not sure he was cut... the one thing the Mets sorely were missing on that 85 team was a backup catcher... being a vet he couldn't have done worse than the green rookies we put out there..

AL JACKSON Share your memories of Al Jackson
Al Jackson's complete Mets profile
Mike Wuttke
August 11, 2015
What a wonderful guy, I had the pleasure of a good 5-10 minute conversation with him in Port St Lucie this March. Talked about the ’62 Mets, and how Casey was a character and played it one way for the media and another way for the players. He told me that even though the ’62 team was a bunch of older guys they all respected and liked Casey. I asked him if Casey knew his name, and Al said “He knew it all right, but never called me by it.” He laughed and seemed to enjoy reminiscing about the old days. Class act got a picture with him and my boy…a true New York Met treasure!

GREGG JEFFERIES Share your memories of Gregg Jefferies
Gregg Jefferies's complete Mets profile
Kurt Lundgren
August 11, 2015
Best damn hitter I ever saw in the minors. I played with him. No one was close.

CLEON JONES Share your memories of Cleon Jones
Cleon Jones's complete Mets profile
Donna Green
August 11, 2015
First, my late father loved this team. When they won the pennant in 1973, my Dad took us to the airstrip near LaGuardia Airport so we, along with several other crazed fans, could greet them upon their return home. Out of all the 1969 Mets, my favorites were Cleon Jones, Tommie Agee, and Tom Seaver. As I was a young kid--not even a pre-teen during Jones' tenure with that team--I was upset when I read negative things about Jones, such as Gil Hodges' complaints about Jones' lack of performance during a slump, and the strange incident regarding the van. The next thing I knew, all my favorite players, including Jones, started to disappear from the team. Dad stayed true orange and blue, but I lost interest in baseball altogether--at least for a little while. Those 1969 and 1973 teams meant more to me than their 1986 counterparts. I will cherish those days forever. I am gratified to hear that there are many fans, including me, that still hold Jones in high regard.

SHERMAN JONES Share your memories of Sherman Jones
Sherman Jones's complete Mets profile
Harvey M Kearney
August 11, 2015
I am originally from Winton, N. C. and knew most of the family. I grew up with some of his younger brothers. Sherman attended Calvin Scott Brown High School in Winton, N.C.

GARY KOLB Share your memories of Gary Kolb
Gary Kolb's complete Mets profile
August 11, 2015
Gary was my coach in Babe Ruth ball with Cross Lanes WV. We won our state tournament and placed second in regionals, one game from making it to the Babe Ruth World Series. I love the guy as a coach and person. He taught me a lot, was always telling jokes. He would say his claim to fame was being traded for Bob Uecker (which I thought he was kidding until I read his bio.) Still have a lot of respect for the man.

PHIL LINZ Share your memories of Phil Linz
Phil Linz's complete Mets profile
Rod Murch
August 11, 2015
I ran into Phil a couple of times at breakfast at the Stadium Motor Lodge and we had nice chats. He was a very approachable ballplayer, friendly and open where some preferred to be left alone.

A fan had leaned over the railing and the day before and came close to falling over. I curiously asked if he knew if anyone had ever fallen out of the upper deck and dryly he said "I think at last count it was 17". My mouth I am sure gaped open and said really, then he smiled and said he was only kidding. He went on to tell that he and Tracy Stallard were renting Julie Newmar's apartment for the summer. We talked baseball and he seemed interested in what I did other than go to Yankee games anytime I got a chance.

I also had times I ran into him at Clete Boyer's Lounge at the Stadium Motor Lodge where I stayed during the 1964 summer. This was a great summer in my life as I saw a huge number of Yankee games.

MICKEY LOLICH Share your memories of Mickey Lolich
Mickey Lolich's complete Mets profile
Jim Snedeker
August 11, 2015
Reading this brings back my memory of the trade that sent Rusty packing to Detroit. My memory is that while the Mets' front office had made dumb and abysmal trades in the past, this was one that just made no sense in any way, shape, or form. Usually a bad trade doesn't reveal itself as bad until later when the player that came clearly is not working out. But this one defied all logic from the beginning.

AL LUPLOW Share your memories of Al Luplow
Al Luplow's complete Mets profile
Phil Prnes
August 11, 2015
My only vivid memory of Al Luplow was in 1966 when he hit two (2) home runs against the Giants in Candlestick Park. Quite an accomplishment, something I have always remembered. Bob Murphy the Met announcer at the time was also very impressed! I had the chance to watch the game on Channel 9 the Met station at the time.

DAVE MAGADAN Share your memories of Dave Magadan
Dave Magadan's complete Mets profile
August 11, 2015
Fun facts about Dave Magadan: Lou Piniella is his first cousin and godfather, and the household language when he was a kid was Spanish.

Even in college and the minors, he bounced back and forth between third base and first base. His hitting style was the same in those days -- he was never a long-ball hitter.

These days Dave is still a big-league batting coach. He's been with the Rangers since they hired him after the 2012 season.

TED MARTINEZ Share your memories of Ted Martinez
Ted Martinez's complete Mets profile
Joe Santoro
August 11, 2015
Wasn't Teddy an emergency catcher at one point in the '73 season? The Mets had an emergency situation with Grote, and Dyer injured. They picked up Jerry May, and then he got hurt as well.

STEVEN MATZ Share your memories of Steven Matz
Steven Matz's complete Mets profile
August 11, 2015
He had one hell of a memorable debut.

WILLIE MAYS Share your memories of Willie Mays
Willie Mays's complete Mets profile
Meadowlands Mike
August 11, 2015
I understand the negative comments about Mays with the Mets in 1972 and 1973. In 1972, though, he was acquired likely for his post-career contributions, and bringing some publicity for the Mets. His role was to spell Kranepool at 1B and Agee in CF.

In limited games he hit .267 (2nd on team), had an OBA of .402 (led team) a slugging percetnage of .446 (2nd on team) and an OPS of .848 (led team). He also had 8 go-ahead hits in 1972. In CF, he played about half as many innings, but he had a higher fielding percentage than Agee and threw out 3 runners, Agee had 6. Mays had a higher kill ratio on baserunners and a higher hold percentage for baserunners. Agee's range factor was 2.64 per 9 innings, Mays's was 2.59, close to Agee (was was 29 and Mays was 41)

Agee's Offensive WAR was .8 and his Defensive WAR was -.9. Mays's Offensive WAR was 1.9 and his Defensive WAR was -.04.

Bottom line, in 1972, Mays was the best centerfielder.

He slumped with Giants, but from the time he got to Mets until he did run out of gas August 20, Mays hit .288 with 8 HRs.And Mets won a higher percentage of games with him starting that they did without him.

In 1973 he, like in 1972 slumped then hurt a shoulder running against a wall. He went on DL for first time in his career. Upon his return he het .250 for 6 HRs to the time he, again in August ran out of gas.

In the NLCS and World Series, he hit .300 with two game-winning RBIs. He also has the mishaps in the field, his legs were not under him.

So, by Willie Mays standards, it was not much of a contribution. But for the Mets, he did contribute. In both seasons he had hot streaks after early-season slumps and late-season slumps.

And remember the other CF in 1973 was Don Hahn. May's Offensive WAR and Defensive WAR and Total WAR were better than Hahn. Again, as dismal as 1973 was, Mays was best CF Mets had.

AL MORAN Share your memories of Al Moran
Al Moran's complete Mets profile
Edward Michael Sands
August 11, 2015
I didn't know Al personally but did know his younger brother Doug. I also graduated from Catholic Central in 1965. I understand he was a good coach at CCH.

DANIEL MURPHY Share your memories of Daniel Murphy
Daniel Murphy's complete Mets profile
August 11, 2015
Murphy will end up going down and be remembered as a pretty good, slightly underrated Met. He can/could certainly hit and that in the end is what he will be remembered for and not necessarily his sometimes odd baseball decisions.

DANNY NAPOLEON Share your memories of Danny Napoleon
Danny Napoleon's complete Mets profile
Jennifer Simmons
August 11, 2015
He was probably the fan's favorite player of the late 1960s AA Arkansas Travelers. No one wanted him to move up because he was ours. Everything about him seemed big and lumbering and he often came up with the clutch hit.

KIRK NIEUWENHUIS Share your memories of Kirk Nieuwenhuis
Kirk Nieuwenhuis's complete Mets profile
August 11, 2015
Can't believe he is the first Met player ever to hit 3 home runs at a home game!

CHARLIE O'BRIEN Share your memories of Charlie O'Brien
Charlie O'Brien's complete Mets profile
Stephen bk
August 11, 2015
Played for this guy in high school. One of the greatest baseball minds there is. He should be a coach in the majors someday. Unbelievable understanding of the game and incredible work ethic that shows true leadership. No one saw the field of play better and was always one step ahead as a defensive catcher.

JOSé OQUENDO Share your memories of José Oquendo
José Oquendo's complete Mets profile
scott r
August 11, 2015
After reading some of these comments I had to post something. Jose was ok with Mets and proved to be valuable to the Cards; you can't tell me he was better than Ordonez, Ordonez was not a good hitter either but he was one of best defensive ss ever, considering what Mets did after Oquendo was here I don't think they missed him at all.

HARRY PARKER Share your memories of Harry Parker
Harry Parker's complete Mets profile
August 11, 2015
I worked with Harry Parker for a few years in the 1980's. He was friendly, gentle and always ready for a good laugh -- a good man and a friend. RIP Harry; good memories of you still remain.

MIKE PELFREY Share your memories of Mike Pelfrey
Mike Pelfrey's complete Mets profile
August 11, 2015
Safe to say Mike Pelfrey was ultimately a bust

BOBBY PFEIL Share your memories of Bobby Pfeil
Bobby Pfeil's complete Mets profile
August 11, 2015
I don't know if anyone can verify this, but I recall that in Pfeil's first game at Shea, he wore a road uniform because he had been called up on a hasty basis and they did not have an extra home one for him. As for why they left him off the post season roster, it was between him and Jack Di Lauro, and Jack was the always in demand left handed pitcher commodity while the Mets already had lefty and righty batters at 3rd base.

CALVIN SCHIRALDI Share your memories of Calvin Schiraldi
Calvin Schiraldi's complete Mets profile
August 11, 2015
When Schiraldi made his first major league appearance, Tim McCarver said that Calvin Schiraldi sounds like a brand of designer jeans.

DAVE SCHNECK Share your memories of Dave Schneck
Dave Schneck's complete Mets profile
August 11, 2015
Say what you want about No-Neck Schneck - he made the majors and he hit a home run off major league pitching. A LOT of other players can't make that claim. You might say he was a terrible player, but if he played in a Sunday softball beer league, he'd be Babe Freaking Ruth.

DICK SMITH Share your memories of Dick Smith
Dick Smith's complete Mets profile
Ed K
August 11, 2015
In 1964, Dick Smith became the first Met to hit 3 doubles in a game on May 14th and the first Met to get five hits in a game on May 26th when the Mets beat the Cubs 19-1. Unfortunately, he went 13 for 83 in his other 44 games and was sent down to Buffalo (AAA) in June.

TRACY STALLARD Share your memories of Tracy Stallard
Tracy Stallard's complete Mets profile
August 11, 2015
My first ever ballgame outside of NY was at Chavez Ravine in LA 1964. I was 8 years old and had family in Hollywood so I used to spend most summers there. Tracy Stallard pitched for the Mets and Maury Wills hit a foul ball that hit my grandfather and I (3rd base side) but unfortunately bounced behind us where some kid reached for it and got the prize. Mets lost 4-3 but what a great game. I never forgot Tracy Stallard or Maury Wills after that. I also never again came close to catching a ball in the hundreds of games I attended after that. Some luck huh?

LEROY STANTON Share your memories of Leroy Stanton
Leroy Stanton's complete Mets profile
colin mckeon
August 11, 2015
I was researching my very first baseball game and all I could vividly remember is Leroy Stanton getting a triple and then getting hit in the head with the ball as he slid into third base and carried off on a stretcher! Took about 30 minutes to determine the date of the game. Sept 28, 1970. I was surprised to see so many other people remember the play. I guess I was lucky to see it in person!

RUSTY STAUB Share your memories of Rusty Staub
Rusty Staub's complete Mets profile
August 11, 2015
As good as he was, trading Ken Singleton, Mike Jorgensen, and Tim Foli for him was too much and one of the worst Met trades ever! Look what Singleton did with Baltimore and Foli in with Pittsburgh! Then to later trade Rusty for Mickey Lolich? Really?

The '73 Series could have turned out differently had Yogi done two things, save Seaver for Game 7 if necessary and play Rusty and his bum shoulder at first and move John Milner to the outfield!

Shickhaus Franks
August 11, 2015
Here's a story from "The Baseball Codes" book: Prior to the 1968 All-Star Game, Rusty was searching through the shaving kit of his NL teammate Dodgers great Don Drysdale for evidence that he threw the spitball which is quite dangerous like swimming during a thunderstorm or praying to Allah at a Montana Militia rally. Anyhow, Drysdale's teammate at the time Dodger catcher Tom Haller saw Staub do this and of course told Drysdale. Two weeks later, the Astros were playing the Dodgers at Dodger Stadium and good old Don got his revenge in the 8th inning when he drilled Staub and yelled at him: "That's for looking through my %$#@?+$ shaving kit"

NOAH SYNDERGAARD Share your memories of Noah Syndergaard
Noah Syndergaard's complete Mets profile
community chest
August 11, 2015
Thor is magnificent! Tall, young, strong and blond, just like the Norse god after whom he's named. That he gets hit hard and loses ballgames is a minor issue.

FRANK TAVERAS Share your memories of Frank Taveras
Frank Taveras's complete Mets profile
August 11, 2015
I met Frank Taveras as a kid. He lives one block away from me in Santiago, Dominican Republic. Every winter he would gather the kids in the neighborhood and give us old gloves, baseballs, and bats. Really nice guy. He would come to our sandlot games and give us tips as well. When I moved to Brooklyn I was happy the Mets picked him up. One thing that I remember watching those bad teams he was on was a season in which he broke the Met bunt singles record. Don't know if anyone still tracks this, but he was the best push bunter I ever saw. A lost art in baseball. Sad to see so many people tear him apart. I can attest that he is a decent human being and I'm glad a had a chance to know a major leaguer during my youth. I wish more of today's stars would carry themselves off the field the way he did.

August 11, 2015
Frank Taveras was a demon on the base paths, 70 bags in 77.

HAWK TAYLOR Share your memories of Hawk Taylor
Hawk Taylor's complete Mets profile
Morris Gold
August 9, 2015
I was at Shea Stadium the day Hawk Taylor hit that pinch hit grand slam home run. I remember the excitement of the day, especially when the Mets finally won. I was almost 9 years old. Back then, there was no internet. If you forgot any of the details, there was no simple way to remember. Over time, I forgot a lot of the details, and I reconstructed them as best I could. I remember my brother and I chanted "Hey Friend, do it again" during the game. Eventually, in my mind I remembered that Bob Friend was pitching for Pittsburgh that day. I also remembered that Ron Swoboda hit a double with men on 1st and 2nd to drive in the winning runs. I had no reason subsequently to check my memory against online sources. I knew what I had seen.

I brought up my son as a proper Mets fan. One night a few years ago my son and I were listening to a game on the radio and it happened again, a pinch hit grand salami, I forget who hit it. And the announcer said it was the 2nd time and the 1st time was Hawk Taylor, and I told my son that I was there and told him what I had seen that day.

Last night, I was sitting in a restaurant with my extended family meeting 2nd cousins that I had never met before. One is a rabid Mets fan. We got to talking about our memories and I told her about seeing Hawk Taylor hit the PH grand slam. She told me I was wrong on some of the details. My son got out his Smart Phone and googled it and found out that Bob Veale pitched for Pittsburgh and Bob Friend pitched for the Mets that day. And Swoboda was on 2nd and scored the winning run when Ron Hunt hit a single. My son told me that everything I ever told him was a lie. And that is why we have children, god bless him.

At least I got the Hawk Taylor part right. Rest in peace, Hawk Taylor.

August 11, 2015
I saw the homer off of Koufax too (July 1964). Koufax was not sharp that night. But the Dodgers came back to win it.

GEORGE THEODORE Share your memories of George Theodore
George Theodore's complete Mets profile
Dale Hepworth
August 11, 2015
My first memories of George were on our local Salt Lake Valley junior bowling league whet even then he was called "The Stork"! Then, later I was surprised to hear of a good local baseball player being scouted by the pros when our high school teams played!

WAYNE TWITCHELL Share your memories of Wayne Twitchell
Wayne Twitchell's complete Mets profile
Gregory Glod
August 11, 2015
In 1973, I was a 19 year old rookie in the Philadelphia's minor league camp in Clearwater, Florida. I had the opportunity to watch Wayne Twitchell pitch in a game at the Clearwater complex which left a lasting impression on me. I had never seen a pitcher throw as hard as Wayne Twitchell pitched that day. He struck out the side in each of the two innings he threw and 40 years later I still remember his dynamic fastball.

May he rest in peace

MIKE VAIL Share your memories of Mike Vail
Mike Vail's complete Mets profile
Tom Graham
August 11, 2015
I was Mike's Babe Ruth League coach at Glastonbury, CT back in 1964/'65. Mike was a good third baseman then. His dad was our team's pitching coach. I arranged to have Mets scout Hal Goodnough look at him. I live in Colorado now and haven't spoken with Mike since those days. We had a good team, losing only once, a forfeit because of being short a player when the kids all were recruited to pick cigar tobacco. It has to be picked on a certain day or the crop is lost. The usual workers, imported from Jamaica, were not allowed to come in for that season. Anyhow, we were disappointed. Mike was a great kid.

JOE VITKO Share your memories of Joe Vitko
Joe Vitko's complete Mets profile
Rick R.
August 11, 2015
I remember coaching Joe on the Auctioneers in the Ebensburg Little League. He was a talent. I am truly sorry that he did not play longer.

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