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Player memories added since November 9, 2015
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RICK AGUILERA Share your memories of Rick Aguilera
Rick Aguilera's complete Mets profile
November 22, 2015
One of the lesser-known Mets from '86, Aguilera was part of a rotation that led the team to a championship. He served as a solid fifth starter to provide an extra day of rest for Gooden, Darling, Fernandez and Ojeda. Rick was the only Mets pitcher to hit a home run (he had two of them) during that title year. He was also an effective closing reliever for the Twins' World Series winner in 1991.

R. A. DICKEY Share your memories of R. A. Dickey
R. A. Dickey's complete Mets profile
R.A. Sticky
November 16, 2015
Unfortunately this guy will be remembered for the Syndergaard trade instead of his unreal 2012 season. I still miss R.A., one of the best Mets pitchers of late and a great guy.

DILLON GEE Share your memories of Dillon Gee
Dillon Gee's complete Mets profile
Shickhaus Franks
November 23, 2015
GEE WHIZ! (No pun intended) Talk about hard luck: Poor Dillon became an afterthought in the great season the Mets had! It's like when you're at a New Year's party and you wanna kiss the girl of your dreams but when midnight hits, some other guy winds up kissing her instead. Good luck, Dillon, maybe you'll wind up with the Rangers or Astros from your home state or perhaps a stint of indy ball aka Long Island Ducks or the St. Paul Saints might do the trick!

JOE HIETPAS Share your memories of Joe Hietpas
Joe Hietpas's complete Mets profile
NYB Buff
November 16, 2015
Joe played only one-half inning in the major leagues, but it was a noteworthy one. The top of the ninth of the Mets-Expos game in which he appeared was in the season finale of the Montreal team's last year before moving to Washington. Even with his extremely brief career, Joe can claim that he was the last catcher ever to play against the Montreal Expos.

I understand that he got a law degree and became a real estate attorney. Seems to have moved on to better things.

MARK JOHNSON Share your memories of Mark Johnson
Mark Johnson's complete Mets profile
November 23, 2015
He went 3-for-12 (.250) in 2000 and 11-for-27 (.407) in 2001 as a pinch hitter, then they dumped him after a 4-for-19 (.211) stretch in 2002 for Tony Tarasco. He also hit a couple of pinch homers for the Mets in his career. What really plagued him was when he had to play every day. He was a good pinch hitter and seemed to always rip the ball at least once a game in his spot starts. But in 2002 when Mo Vaughn broke his pinkie finger Johnson had to fill in for him and that was pretty much it for him. I think he went 3-for-23 in his spot starts for Vaughn. Tarasco's numbers were a lot prettier by the end of the season but I would have stuck with Johnson. I think his pinch hitting would have come around and I doubt he would have embarrassed the organization with a drug scandal.

JEFF KAISER Share your memories of Jeff Kaiser
Jeff Kaiser's complete Mets profile
Orange and Blue Forever
November 17, 2015
When Jeff joined the Mets, his name was being mentioned on a television commercial. There was a running advertisement for milk at the time that featured a young girl looking in a mirror and complaining that the only boy who likes her is “Jeffrey Kaiser, the biggest nerd.” The girl then discovers that drinking milk will make her more attractive when she gets older. She's also shown that the nerdy Jeffrey's looks will improve just as much as her own.

In seven major league seasons, the real life Jeffrey Kaiser posted a 9.17 earned run average, had eight more walks than strikeouts and never won a game. With these statistics, I wonder if HE drank enough milk!

AL LUPLOW Share your memories of Al Luplow
Al Luplow's complete Mets profile
Ken K.
November 20, 2015
Didn't he also make a spectacular catch in the outfield while with the Mets? An old friend and I were just talking about it last night. I can't seem to find anything about this on the web.

We think it was in 1966 and it was a night game. We shared the memory because it was the only time we were at the house of a guy we knew casually from the neighborhood (and whom we had just leaned last night had passed away recently, hence the reminiscence), and we watched the Met game that night.

We both seem to remember the catch, but no other details, other than that his father was there drinking beer in his easy chair while watching the game with us.

JERRY MAY Share your memories of Jerry May
Jerry May's complete Mets profile
Old Fashioned Met
November 22, 2015
My only memory of Jerry with the Mets was his final appearance as a major league player. He went from first to third base on a single, but hurt himself along the way and had to be taken out. On retrosheet.org, the play-by-play description of this game at San Diego states that Jerry was removed for a pinch-runner while he was still on first base. This is incorrect. I firmly remember Jerry hobbling just as he was arriving at third and having to leave the game – for what turned out to be for good.

DANIEL MURPHY Share your memories of Daniel Murphy
Daniel Murphy's complete Mets profile
November 16, 2015
What a bum. Biggest moment of the season and TWICE he can't field a measly grounder. Thank god he didn't take the QO. Good riddance Murph. Take your cheap doubles and awful play with you to Colorado.

Dan the Man
November 15, 2015
Second posting on Daniel two years later! As of today (11/15/15) it looks like Daniel won't be back. Ringo, I'm seriously thinking about something you said about the Wilpons trying to make him look bad in order to avoid paying him money. You know, I had always wondered why Mike Francescer always seemed to pick on him so much. I mean what Mike you don't like Irish people?? I mean you may not think he's the best ball player in the world and he's entitled to think that but it always seemed personal with him. Then it occurred to me it wouldn't surprise me if the Wilpons had been paying Mike off to make him look bad.

Anyway, in the NLCS he had a series that would have made Babe Ruth envious. Still, as we all know his defense limitations came up in the World Series. Yet to me and as mentioned before by the fans he strikes me as the type of guy who would be humbled by that and step up his game even more.

Regardless Daniel I wish you well in your future endeavors. May we all channel that inner murph in life.

JOSé REYES Share your memories of José Reyes
José Reyes's complete Mets profile
Shickhaus Franks
November 11, 2015
Just heard that Jose hit his wife while on vacation in Hawaii. NOT COOL WHATSOEVER!! As a person who has seen domestic abuse at a personal level, I'll tell you one thing, I have 2 Reyes T-shirts on my hanger and they're staying on my hanger for good!! You would think with the Greg Hardy sadness going around that guys would get the message that PHYSICAL, VERBAL AND EMOTIONAL ABUSE TOWARDS A WOMAN IS 1000% UNACCEPTABLE!! I hope the Rockies throw him to the curb and tell him to go work at a pet store or as a garbageman!! And to think that I used to enjoy singing JOSE-JOSE-JOSE!!!

Will Smith
November 13, 2015
Since leaving the Mets, Jose has:

1) Been injured often 2) Not made an all-star team 3) Seen his production drop off 4) Been traded a couple of times 5) Seen Toronto improve dramatically the moment they traded him 6) Been arrested for beating his wife

Just in case anyone was keeping score.

MIKE SCOTT Share your memories of Mike Scott
Mike Scott's complete Mets profile
November 10, 2015
In the minds of the voters, Scott pitched well enough to earn the MVP of a post-season series his team didn't win. But what was it worth to him? When Daniel Murphy got the same honor in 2015, he indicated that it meant his team was going to the World Series. That's something Mike couldn't possibly say in '86.

MOOKIE WILSON Share your memories of Mookie Wilson
Mookie Wilson's complete Mets profile
jack pesserilo
November 10, 2015
Here is an interesting comment about Buckner's error. Manager John MacNamara always took Buckner out for defense in the 8th or 9th inning. He would put Dave Stapleton in for Bill. The way I heard it MacNamara left Buckner in the game so he would be on the field to enjoy the celebration better. What would have happened if Dave Stapleton was at first? Call it fate? The will of the "baseball Gods? Think about it!

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