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Player memories added since March 26, 2017
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RICH CHILES Share your memories of Rich Chiles
Rich Chiles's complete Mets profile
Raymond Malcuit Jr.
April 9, 2017
I was hoping he would do okay with the Mets.

GENE CLINES Share your memories of Gene Clines
Gene Clines's complete Mets profile
April 9, 2017
As a Pirates fan, I recall Gene was an absolute Met killer! With Bucs, he was just a bench warmer (hard to break in to Bucs outfield with players like Oliver, Parker, Zisk, etc!) Well, Mets thought they were getting a great deal in landing Gene. He had the opportunity to blossom as a Starter in NY, but he was pretty bad. I was sad to see him decline in NY. Great guy!

D. J. DOZIER Share your memories of D. J. Dozier
D. J. Dozier's complete Mets profile
April 9, 2017
When D. J. played for the Mets, he was used basically as a promotional tool. Here was a guy who had a football career and was being sold as a two-sport athlete like Bo Jackson had been a few years earlier. The team tried to enhance its image with someone who had made a name for himself in another game and it didn't work out well.

Depending on an individual to promote themselves is something the Mets have tried to do occasionally throughout their history. Casey Stengel served the team in that fashion in its earliest days. The same can be said about Willie Mays (1972) and the return of Tom Seaver (1983), both of whom were aging stars at the time. These additions were artificial ways of generating interest in the team whether it was needed or or not. The Mets probably thought the presence of D. J. alone would increase attention and revenue for them. Not so.

The Tim Tebow experiment of 2017 is very much like Dozier's role with the team a quarter century ago. I wish the Mets would stop with these silly publicity ploys. They don't lead to championships or even a higher position in the standings.

ERIC HILLMAN Share your memories of Eric Hillman
Eric Hillman's complete Mets profile
Mark Tartaglione
April 9, 2017
I was at Mets Fantasy Camp in January 2017, and Eric Hillman was one of the Coaches there. He is a great guy, and did a wonderful job as the Camp MC. He was very gracious, and took the time to take a pic with me.

AL JACKSON Share your memories of Al Jackson
Al Jackson's complete Mets profile
Old Fashioned Met
April 9, 2017
The Mets had four complete game shutouts in 1962. Jackson pitched all of them, one of which was the first of many one-hitters in team history. From 2014 to 2016, a total of three shutouts (one each year) were turned in by Mets starting pitchers. This fact makes Al's accomplishment of '62 look superhuman, but it's really just a sign of the overuse of relievers in the game today. If pitching well enough, starters have always had the chance to finish their games. It gives his team its best chance of winning. There is no reason for it not to be looked at that way now.

HOWARD JOHNSON Share your memories of Howard Johnson
Howard Johnson's complete Mets profile
NB Buff
April 9, 2017
Hojo was a productive player for the Mets. Three times he had 30 homers and 30 stolen bases in the same season. In 1991, Johnson became the first (and still only) Met ever to lead the National League in RBIs. He was also the team's first player to appear in an All-Star Game as a third baseman - which had been an ongoing cursed position for the Orange and Blue. When I look at the plaques in the Mets Hall of Fame, I don't see one for Howard. He had a better Mets career than most of the guys who are enshrined there.

Hojo is also the answer to a pair of good trivia questions:

-Who was the on-deck hitter when Mookie Wilson hit his famous grounder that got past Bill Buckner?

-Who was the last Detroit Tiger to wear uniform #5 before it was retired for Hank Greenberg?

RAY KNIGHT Share your memories of Ray Knight
Ray Knight's complete Mets profile
Raymond Malcuit Jr.
April 9, 2017
I think when Ray Knight left the Mets, that was the beginning of the end for that era.

BRANDON NIMMO Share your memories of Brandon Nimmo
Brandon Nimmo's complete Mets profile
April 9, 2017
Brandon may be the second coming of Lenny Dykstra on the Mets. I think he can steal a lot of bases for the team.

JOHN VALENTIN Share your memories of John Valentin
John Valentin's complete Mets profile
The Giant Eagle
April 9, 2017
John was a member of a great Seton Hall team in 1987. It was a Pirates squad whose catcher was Craig Biggio and had a first baseman named Mo Vaughn. The team romped to a Big East championship that year. John's college athletic legacy has been passed to the next generation. His daughter, Kendall, is a standout gymnast at Eastern Michigan University – a team that just won its second straight conference title.

CHRIS YOUNG Share your memories of Chris Young
Chris Young's complete Mets profile
scott r
April 9, 2017
Other than the occasional homer, did very little for the Mets. Finally was released and of course did very good for the Yankees.

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