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Player memories added since November 14, 2014
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JOAQUIN ARIAS Share your memories of Joaquin Arias
Joaquin Arias's complete Mets profile
Doctor Worm
November 28, 2014
Who'd have thought that four years later, this guy would be the proud owner of two championship rings?

Another Joaquin Arias fun fact: He was originally signed by the Yankees, and went to the Rangers as a throw-in in the Alex Rodriguez / Alfonso Soriano trade. The Rangers were given a choice of Arias or an equally-obscure minor leaguer named Robinson Cano. Think they'd like a do-over on that one?

JASON BAY Share your memories of Jason Bay
Jason Bay's complete Mets profile
Ramblin' Pete
November 28, 2014
Henceforth, and forever after, Bay shall simply go down in the annals of Met-dom as "Jason Bustů"

CARLOS DELGADO Share your memories of Carlos Delgado
Carlos Delgado's complete Mets profile
all time upstate fan
November 28, 2014
I admired Delgado as a man of principle. It's so easy to go along with the flag waving idiots. As far as him needing to be grateful to the country....his bio says he was born in Puerto Rico. That makes him American as you. By the way he put the team on his back in 2006.

BERNARD GILKEY Share your memories of Bernard Gilkey
Bernard Gilkey's complete Mets profile
Doctor Worm
November 28, 2014
When Gilkey was traded by the Mets to the D-Backs in 1998, the D-Backs were on the hook for about $12MM in salary through 2000. At the time, they were trying to win on the cheap. So they deferred his money, much as the Wilpons did with Bonilla. As a result, the D-Backs are still paying Gilkey and will do so through 2017.

He was last seen at the D-Backs 2014 fantasy camp, where he was no doubt the highest paid instructor. Reportedly he hopes to parlay that experience into a minor league coaching job.

ED GLYNN Share your memories of Ed Glynn
Ed Glynn's complete Mets profile
Edward Bailey
November 28, 2014
I worked at the Pitch and Putt golf course in Flushing Meadow in 1980. I got a phone call from Eddie Glynn that he lost his keys playing golf. Well, I found the keys out on the course and called him. He came the next day and gave me a hundred bucks. That is my memory of the "Flushing Flash."

DON HAHN Share your memories of Don Hahn
Don Hahn's complete Mets profile
November 28, 2014
I remember Don Hahn being billed as the second coming of Willie Mays by M. Donald Grant and company. Perhaps he was, he did take the reins from a 40+ Mays.

Jim Snedeker
November 28, 2014
I'm surprised no one's mentioned his great World Series catch. I don't remember which game it was, but he leapt at the wall to nab the ball in a critical situation. No joke--the broadcasters referred to it as "one of the great World Series catches of all time."

Jim Snedeker
November 28, 2014
As I recall, my yearbook has that picture with a slightly different pose-- Hondo is actually looking up at his glove with the ball securely tucked inside. Man! How did the photographer get so close?!

JASON HARDTKE Share your memories of Jason Hardtke
Jason Hardtke's complete Mets profile
Sal from the projects
November 28, 2014
He was a key player on the 1996-7 Mets, Jason Hart-KEY, along with Bernard Gil-KEY, Butch Hus-KEY, and Dave Mlic-KEY.

MATT LAWTON Share your memories of Matt Lawton
Matt Lawton's complete Mets profile
November 28, 2014
Lawton wasn't as bad as people make him out to be. He got some hits in a clutch and started rallies. Not often, but mainly when it counted. He was speedy but held back from doing his thing by management. Betcha he'll make a comeback with the LI Ducks.

JOE MCEWING Share your memories of Joe McEwing
Joe McEwing's complete Mets profile
Dan the Man
November 28, 2014
Joe will always be the reason in my mind why part-time players are just that. I remember in 2001 Joe and Desi Relaford were the highlights of the team. This made me scream how Joe should play full-time. To me as a kid he was just the man who could pop in and play any position.

Of course over time his average went down to like .200 and yet seemed to always be an automatic out. Yet, how could anyone dislike Super Joe?

OMAR QUINTANILLA Share your memories of Omar Quintanilla
Omar Quintanilla's complete Mets profile
Bing Metsby
November 28, 2014
Good Met, good defender, he'll long be forgotten. Much better than given credit for in regards to defense. Future Mets manager in 2026 and he'll bring them to a championship. You heard it here first. No joke...

DESI RELAFORD Share your memories of Desi Relaford
Desi Relaford's complete Mets profile
BMW Metfan
November 28, 2014
One of my favorite players!!

He could hit in a clutch, and I mean in a clutch!! Great defender and even pitched once!! Why was he traded? The team sure missed him when he was gone.

ROYCE RING Share your memories of Royce Ring
Royce Ring's complete Mets profile
November 28, 2014
I remember when the Mets got Ring as the main piece in the Roberto Alomar trade he was said to be a potential closer of the future. First round draft pick who could hit 96 MPH. Didn't work out, but most fans were happy to see Alomar go, despite the fact that the players received in return did not pan out.

KELLY SHOPPACH Share your memories of Kelly Shoppach
Kelly Shoppach's complete Mets profile
November 28, 2014
He stunk!! Not one of Alderson's better acquisitions!! Was supposed to be brought here for his defense. Couldn't hit nor catch the ball. Collins was quoted as, "He's not what we thought he would be..."...ouch..

DAVID WRIGHT Share your memories of David Wright
David Wright's complete Mets profile
November 28, 2014
Here's the laugh. What the previous fan, Chris, wrote is true...Wright will retire owning the Mets offensive record book and considered the best player in their history.

Yet, he will never win a thing with/for this team, and when people eventually talk about the greatest players of the first 20 years of the century, his name wont ever ever ever get mentioned. (At his position alone Beltre and Chipper Jones will leave him in the dust.)

Hot Foot
November 28, 2014
I took his 27 homers and 100 RBI every year for granted. Now I realize what a great hitter he was. He's still a beast at playing his position.

He's easily the best third-baseman in Mets history- hands down. Sorry Hojo.

I wish him all the best in his recovery from his bum shoulder.

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