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September 18, 2006
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September 21, 2006
What a culmination to the regular season. It was meant all along to be done at home. Congragulations to all those who stuck along in the good and the bad. For sure the greatest Mets moment in years.

Mets 06 NL EAST CHAMPS!!!!

September 21, 2006
I was 6 years old when Ronnie shut the Phillies down for our last division title. I had a bootle of bubbly on ice and even though I knew this was going to happen sooner or later I was still genuinly excited when Cliffy caught the last out. I hope this is the first of 4 celebrations for us. Morse so than ever before, after last nights game I look at Beltran, Delgado, and Lo Duca as "our guys". Combined with Cliffy, Jose, David and everyone else I hope this is an October to remember. LETS GO METS!

john t greenpoint
September 21, 2006
FINALLY! Let's celebrate! 20 years and 1 day and we have dethroned those chopping Braves! Thought the celebration on the field after the Mets all came out was just sick! You had Paul Lo Duca spraying the fans with the groundskeeper's hose, you had Reyes and Wright slapping hands with all the fans that remained. Did you see David with that big cigar in his mouth? He looked like Triumph the insult dog! Just a great night and hopefully we will do this 3 more times this year! Thank you, New York Mets. It's becoming easier to forget about 2000!

flushing flash
September 21, 2006
My feelings about last night's division clinching win were pretty blase'. We all knew this was coming since Independence Day. Maybe it's just me getting older, but 1986 was so much sweeter because it was the first time I had seen my team win any title.

And was anyone else a little embarassed by the over-the-top celebration? The Mets knew this was coming, and they still have three more important series to win. I know a lot of these guys have never experienced post-season play, and I'm okay with jumping on the field and spraying Champagne in the clubhouse (this went on even in 1988), but I think they should have saved bringing the bottles onto the field and high-fiving the fans for after they win the World Series.

September 21, 2006
OH YEAH! Went to this game with my friend Billy. Steve Trachsel looked awesome and Jose Valentin, the surprise of 2006, belted two home runs en route to the Mets clinching their first division title since 1988. Some fans were doing mock tomahawk chants on the way out. There was a bunch of people standing on a sitting area outside the stadium trying to get on TV. I barely found a space on it and when I got down, I accidentally knocked over some drunk guy. Luckily, my friend and I caught him. I felt bad, but the guy did not care. CONGRATS TO THE 2006 NL EAST CHAMPION METS!

September 21, 2006
Yeah, I was there. Of course I was there. How could I not be?

And after 18 years of waiting, through moments bad and sometimes flat out embarassing, it couldn't be any sweeter.


October 5, 2006
Everyone knew it was going to happen. Since about May, it was clear the Mets were going to make the playoffs, but I still couldn't believe my eyes as the game wrapped up. I am positive they let the Pirates sweep them on purpose, so that they could win the division at home. When the last out was made, I jumped out of my chair and started dancing around the room. For the first time in 18 years, we were the division champs.

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