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June 29, 2000
Braves 6, Mets 4
2000 Regular Season Game 77
June 30, 2000
Mets 11, Braves 8
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July 1, 2000
Mets 9, Braves 1
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National League Standings, June 30, 2000

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July 12, 2000
What an amazing comeback !!! Now they better make it a memorable game that led to something big

April 6, 2001
I was at this game. The fans cheering after the Piazza homer was the loudest noise I've ever heard in my life. That was the best game I ever attended. I was also at Johnny's 400th save game, but this one passes that by a mile.

June 17, 2002
I watched the game for about 5 or 6 innings, and then I went on the Internet for a while, but then I just wanted to check the score on AOL, and I saw the were up 8-2, then I saw for each batter, walk, walk, walk, single, then I woke up my dad, and as I soon as I turned it on, there was Piazza drilling a three run homer right down the left field line off Terry Mullholland.

Keith Mandra
August 19, 2002
I went to this game with 10 friends of mine from a fantasy baseball league we all belonged to. We sat about 3/4 of the way down the left field line, back in the lodge reserve. With the Mets down by 7 in the ninth, one of my friends; (Austin Fiore), left the game and went back to our cars to serve up some grub for when we got back. Little did he or anyone else know what was going to happen next. Watching the Mets chisel away that lead was great. At first you think, oh well a little too late for a comeback, down by 7 in the bottom of the 8th. But as they got closer and closer Shea really began to rock, and when Piazza hit that home run the place went wild! It was awesome! Especially against the dreaded Braves! I lost my voice after that game! My friend Austin tried to get back in when he heard the hysteria but was not allowed back in. He never lived that night down!

December 26, 2002
This game was on my birthday. I remember this as quite possibly one of the best games I've ever seen. Even my brother (who's a Yankees fan) was in awe when Piazza smacked that three run HR.

The "Top Wop"
March 23, 2003
The worst loss ever suffered by the Braves in a regular season game. But I tip my hats to the Mets, they did a fantastic job. And I'm a Braves fan, no less! I remember this game CLEARLY. I was at home, watching the game with my entire family. We cheered as Brian Jordan homered to make it 8-1 and we were thinking the Mets still hadn't figured us out. Not so. Our bullpen wasn't too great in 2000, and they took advantage of it. Don Wengert didn't do his job, so Kerry Ligtenberg tried to help. Man, I felt so sorry for him. I though he should've suffered the loss, not Terry Mulholland. Anyway, this game was so frustrating for me, but I can't help but feel good for the Mets because what they did was not easy. But I believe the Braves gave the game away rather than be overwhelmed by the Mets. After all, the Braves are always better!

September 8, 2004
The Mets were really a comeback team in 1999 and 2000. In this game, it was 8-1 in the bottom of the 8th but never count the Mets out. They started coming back with singles and walks because the Braves bullpen was horrible and then Terry Mulholland, who has had some great games in his life including a no-hitter, goes onto the mound and then the game is tied for Mike Piazza and he drills one down the line and starts hopping and then pumps his fist when it hits the wall where all the championship things are to complete the comeback and a ten run inning and the Mets held on and won 11-8.

April 29, 2005
Can't believe it's been nearly four years since this game. The six things I will always remember about this day:

  • First game my son and I attended together alone.
  • Piazza unable to hang on to several foul tips (strike 3) that will have certainly made it easier on Hampton that night.
  • All those walks in the eighth.
  • Alfonzo's 52 hopper, with 2 strikes, in the hole to tie the game.
  • The upper deck shaking like it did after Piazza broke the tie.
  • Watching the Braves' bus speed through the parking lot after the game. The 35 thousand or so of us let out a collective laugh, it was like a scene out of a silent movie.

January 3, 2006
The always clutch Fonzie ties it up. And Mike provides the big blow. Not the best game I've ever seen, but certainly the best inning! Man, this was awesome!

October 4, 2006
Ahh, Fireworks Night, without question the most thrilling game I've ever attended.

With the score 8-1 in Atlanta's favor, going to the bottom of the 8th with Kevin Millwood comfortably in control, my best friend Bobby boldly stated, "I'm not clapping for anything until this game is tied." Then came the most unbelievable 2-out rally we've ever seen in our lives. Piazza's line-drive home run off Terry Mulholland made the entire upper deck shake. A 10-run 8th, an 11-8 win, and a story that will last forever.

To top it off, my friends and I were sitting in the upper box in left field, the section closest to the Atlanta bullpen. There were NYPD officers at virtually every other row, to ensure no one did anything to John Rocker, since it was the Braves' 1st trip to Shea since Rocker's comments in Sports Illustrated about New York. A week later, I get my next issue of SI in the mail (David Wells on the cover, pitching for Toronto), and on the table of contents page, I can clearly see myself and the two friends I attended the game with, and the cops totally engulfing our section. Not a bad night.

March 31, 2010
I remember watching this game with my mom in the living room. For whatever reason, in the middle of the 8th, I switched from the sofa to the floor, with my knees uncomfortably jammed up against the coffee table. Suffice it to say, I didn't budge an INCH (nor say a word) until Mike jacked the home run to put them in the lead, at which point I jumped up and screamed like a maniac.

My dad was in Israel at the time, and I called him to tell him what had happened. (Must have been about 5 a.m. there.) Extra special because it was against the Braves.

February 6, 2011
I will never forget this game. I had idolized Piazza at the time, and seeing that home run was awesome. By far one of the most exciting games I have ever seen.

July 5, 2011
Still my all time favorite game. I was visiting my family in Southern Cal, staying at a hotel. My niece (3) and nephew (1) were playing in the hotel pool, I was in the room watching the game by myself. The entire family came into the hotel room as Fonzie came up in the 8th. I was freaking out. When Mikey hit the HR, the kids got so scared they scampered into the hotel closet. (My brother took a picture.) Ever since that day my niece has called me "Aunt Kathryn Mets". Love it :)

Raymond Malcuit Jr.
September 2, 2016
One of the greatest comebacks in Mets history.

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