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August 22, 1999
Cardinals 7, Mets 5
1999 Regular Season Game 126
August 23, 1999
Mets 3, Astros 2
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National League Standings, August 23, 1999

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Uncle Peanut
January 11, 2002
This was a good game. I remember that Carl Everett hit a HR for the 'stros (BOO!), Benitez coming in to get the last out of the top of the 9th, and Matt Franco getting a pinch hit to bring in somebody (Hamilton maybe?). Little blooper up the 3rd base line out of reach of the SS and 3B.

Weather was perfect. Late August, clear sky, temp. in the 60s, little bit of a breeze. Sat on the 1st base side near the Mets bullpen. My wife's first trip to Mecca (Shea). Good times.

October 21, 2004
Great game. A day after Fonzie got the walk-off hit for the Mets, it was Matt Franco's turn with Darryl Hamilton on third (yes it was Darryl Hamilton). He blooped it into shallow left field and Tim Bogar and I think Ken Caminiti went chasing after it and Bogar dove and he couldn't get and Hamilton trotted home with the winning run. As I watched this happen, I jumped off my couch and the bowl of popcorn that I had been eating fell over.

July 4, 2005
I remember walking into Shea on the evening of this game and stopping for a minute as I came to my seat. The air of excitement, something that had been missing for so many years was back. The crowd was abuzz all evening. I had to pause and let it all sink in. After so many years, it finally felt like the Mets would do something special in 1999, and the fans were feeling it as well. I remember the crowd really going crazy when Franco's parachute fell in with the winning run.

I'll always remember this one. There was a real playoff atmosphere all night.

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