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October 9, 1986
Mets 5, Astros 1
1986 League Championship Series Game 3
October 11, 1986
Mets 6, Astros 5
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October 12, 1986
Astros 3, Mets 1
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Greg Angermaier
April 13, 2001
I was only 8 years old, but I still remember that game vividly. I had only become a big Mets fan about two years earlier when my dad took me to my first game against the Expos in September. After that I was hooked. Game Three of the National League Playoffs was the first post season game I ever went to. I remember sitting in the Upper Deck, about 5 rows from the back, on the first base line. Lenny Dykstra was my favorite player on the Mets because he was lefty (so am I) and because of the way he played. I remember jumping and down like a maniac when he hit the home run into the Mets bullpen to win the game. I remember trying to see what was going on, but I couldn't see over all the people in front. It was probably the most exciting game I've ever been to.

Chris Rosa
October 25, 2001
This game represented the first postseason baseball experience for me and my brother Gian. We sat in the wheelchair-accessible seats just inside the left-field foul pole beneath the "NY Newsday" sign. I remember Dykstra taking a big rip at next-to-last pitch of the game; enraged that he was deluded into thinking he could reach the seats against a sinkerballer, I screamed, "Who ever told him he was a home run hitter?!!!". Lenny then lofted Dave Smith's next offering deep to right. I watched Kevin Bass drift back to the rightfield wall. When he looked up, I knew it was gone! Bedlam at Shea! Amid the bedlam, I received a knowing look from the older woman seated next to me, which chastized me for ever having doubted Lenny. As we descended the ramps, I watched as complete strangers hugged each other. One stuck a souvenir pennant in my hand which I keep as a momento of that incredible win.

Joe Lanzisera
July 22, 2002
What a finish. Wally drops a drag bunt and barely beats it out. Lenny steps in and hits a blast to right off of Smith (I never liked him). I can still hear Keith Jackson's call on ABC ("...deep to right...she is gone"). I couldn't remember why Dykstra was hitting after Backman that day until looking at the box score above and realizing that neither of them started the game.

I also remember that we lost power in our area for an hour during start of the game on that Saturday afternoon. By the time it came back on we were down 4-0 courtesy of Doran's homer. Darryl also took the lefty - Bob Knepper - deep for a 3-run shot to get us back in it. I think he took it the other way to left-center if I remember correctly. I always confuse this one with the one he hit off of Nolan Ryan later in the series. What a post-season.

July 25, 2002
Joe, I'm pretty sure Strawberry's homer was a line drive right down the RF line. I was sitting in the upper deck just past first base and I remember thinking that the ball was going to go foul. But he hit it too hard for it to have enough time to go foul!

Karl de Vries
August 22, 2002
Strawberry's homer in this game, his first of the series, was a bomb into the lodge level off of Knepper. His screaming line drive, just down the foul line was off of Nolan Ryan at Shea, game 5.

Jim R
April 17, 2003
Gone are the days of the passion and the drive that the Mets showed in those great games in the 80's. You could see it in all of the players eyes.

May 22, 2004
Like the 1st poster, I was only 8 years old when the Mets won it all in 1986, and this is the very first game I remember watching. It turned me into a Mets fan for life, and Lenny Dykstra has been my favorite athlete of all time since that day.

May 10, 2006
There once was a time when Lenny Dykstra wasn't on the juice and didn't have more muscle in his arms than most people Patrick Ewing's size. That time was 1986. Lenny Dykstra was by no means a home run hitter, but he will always be remembered for one specific home run, which came in this game. Strawberry had to hit a laser- beam bomb to get them back in it, and then Dykstra lifted it down the line and everyone was jumping around and the Mets had managed to surprise us again!

August 20, 2006
I remember sitting on the 1st base line mezzanine with my future wife freezing our tails off. After falling behind early, Darryl got us back in it with a line shot homer to right. Down 1 in the ninth, the last thing I was thinking with Lenny up was a homer (pre-steriod days). I was hoping for a double to tie it up. I couldn't believe it when I saw the ball keep carrying until it left the park. I must of high fived and hugged everyone in our row! With all the screaming and cheering, I couldn't speak clearly for days afterwards. I just saw an autographed picture of Lenny running around the bases after the homer...it will soon be on my wall.

December 6, 2006
On the morning of this game, I did not have a ticket but after dreaming of seeing the Mets in the playoffs since I became a fan back in 1975, I so wanted to experience the atmosphere at Shea. Since I was without a ticket my plan was to simply get a good view on the train platform so I could at least see half the field. I left my house at 8 am and got there around 9:30. When I got there I was surprised to hear that tickets were on sale. I excitedly got on line and debated whether to find a phone and call my friends but if I did that I would lose my place in line and lose out on the chance to see a playoff game at Shea. So I stayed and bought the ticket.

I remember sitting there in the mezzanine and just looking out and I could not believe I was at the NLCS and of course the way the game turned out with Strawberry's dramatic sixth inning blast to tie it and Dykstra's game winner just put the cap on a happily memorable day at Shea.

December 10, 2006
WHAT A GAME!! My only post season game so far. Bought a ticket in the Upper Level Boxes down the left field line behind the foul pole with my brother off a scalper for 75 bucks each. I remember 2 Astro fans sitting in front of us. They were a pain in the butt. Shea went absolutely bonkers after Lenny's home run. Those Astro fans mysteriously disappeared after that (HA HA)!!

Tom Quinn
September 9, 2007
My friend got us seats in the back of the Loge. You almost knew Strawberry was going to hit it out. That ball got out in a hurry. I swear I'm still hoarse from screaming "LENNY!! LENNY!!" after the game. This game is #2 on my list of thrilling games I saw at Shea (I was at Game 6 of the Series).

September 15, 2007
I remember this as being my very first Mets' play-off game thanks to the mom of a guy at my college who got students tickets for that weekend's games. I lucked out in getting that ticket to one of the great games that weekend. I sat in the RF loge watching Straw's HR land a few rows ahead of me. When Lenny hit his HR, I remember the fans cheering and waiting for an 1986 curtain call. Dykstra had said that he hadn't hit a HR like that since when he beat his brother in Strat-O-Matic. Ironically, Dykstra's quote was on the Shea scoreboard's Who Said It? Friday night and I didn't have to even think about it. Seeing the quote tonight made me rush home to type this entry. To this very day, I still have my ticket stub and 1986 NLCS program.

February 29, 2008
My first postseason game, section 23 upper deck. The best memory: LENNY, LENNY, LENNY chant from everyone on the ramps leaving the stadium.

Bob (Diehard Mets Fan)
February 9, 2009
This was my very first NLCS game I attended. Sitting in the Upper Deck Section all I can say is WOW!! Mets down 4-0 till bottom of the 6th. Strawberry hitting a homer to tie the game. Mets down by a run bottom of the ninth. And then came Lenny (Nails) Dykstra hitting a two run homer to win the game. All I can say is WOW!!

The Motts
December 6, 2010
Dykstra's home run was TOTALLY UNEXPECTED. It wasn't even within the realm of possible outcomes. It's hard to explain this to today's fan, but, in the mid-80s, a game winning walk-off home run from Lenny was the last thing on my mind. I remember praying for a single to tie it.

Watched this game with a bunch of friends. Was 16 at the time. First a look of complete surprise, then total jubilation. Really a special moment from a magical year.

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