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Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 534 of 1043 players
Marco Scutaro
Born: October 30, 1975 at Yaracuy, Venezuela
Throws: Right Bats: Right
Height: 5.10 Weight: 170

Marco Scutaro was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on August 27, 2003.

2b ss 3b of

First Mets game: July 21, 2002
Last Mets game: September 28, 2003

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July 23, 2002
First Major-League hit last night, a 2-run, game-winning triple against Montreal. Seemed genuinely excited, and even got to be on Kiner's Korner after the game. Not too many guys can say that anymore.

source guy
August 6, 2002
Marco is a player who is trying to make the majors, and that is what you need, not some guy who is obnoxious and doesnt care. He is a great guy I am hoping that he does good.

Joe Figliola
August 12, 2002
Marco had no business being out in left field in the 10 August affair against the Cardinals. The way he turned on Eli Marrero's fluke double was an eerie reminder of the time Keith Miller was trained to become the new center fielder back in the early 1990s. Howard Johnson and Todd Hundley also come to mind.

He's a scrappy guy; I hope that this doesn't scar him. But if I was Valentine, I would've put Super Joe or Cedeno out in left. Memo to Bobby: If you want to give a guy whose inexperienced in the outfield some playing time, let him play late in the game when the outcome does not matter.

September 5, 2002
Marco was on the Indianapolis Indians team in 2001 and was an awesome player. The Brewers are such idiots for letting him get away. We caught one of his foul balls and he was gracious enough to sign it. I will miss him.

Larry from Greenwich
October 3, 2002
You gotta love this guy. He should be playing SS every day next year.

Remember that time when Bobby V pinch hit Marco Scutaro for Jeromy Burnitz in St. Louis? Joe Benigno went into a fit on the FAN talking about how, if you were going to pinch hit for Burnitz, you shouldn't do it with Marco Scutaro. Then for the next week he kept talking about it as the "Marco Scutaro Bowl."

That was funny.

Frank Grimes
October 4, 2002
I think Marco was as good a choice as any to pinch hit for Burnitz. Then again my grand mother would be a good choice for pinch hitting for Burnitz.

Marco hit over .300 in Norfolk so I could see him at SS next year.

Chris from Chelsea
October 11, 2002
Another boneheaded move by the Brewers. They are the worst run team in baseball (save possible the Rays). And they let this doofus run MLB?

Anyway, this was a great pickup by Phillips. Not good enough to make up for Vaughn, Cedeno, Burnitz, etc., however.

Guys like this available for nothing. That is why you shouldn't pay a crappy, overrated SS $6 million to complain about the fans while acting as a black hole at the bottom of the lineup.

Bill Deegan
August 29, 2003
What hustle!! Catches the Rockies napping. Takes second on a walk! They should all hustle like this guy.

Mr. Sparkle
August 29, 2003
I was listening to the game on the radio yesterday and Marco drew a walk and on the same play caught the Rockies sleeping and stole second. I thought it was amazing. I've never seen anyone do that before. On the walk, after getting to first he just took off for 2nd since no one was near the bag and by the time some one got over to cover it was too late. Awesome play Marco! That's smart baseball.

Putbeds 1986
April 5, 2006
Besides having a great name, he was the ultimate overachiever. Not a superstar, but can get the job done in a pinch! Last night, Marco's name came up again when he delivered a walk-off base hit against the Bronx Evil Empire and poor Hideki Matsui couldn't catch up to it. I love it when the Evil Empire loses and it's more sweet when an ex-Met beats them.

Jamey Bumbalo
October 8, 2006
He never did much for me when he was on the Mets, but he's a key player for the A's as they head into the division playoffs.

December 6, 2012
In 2002, he was a backup middle infielder. 10 years later, he's the NLCS MVP. Another solid player that the Mets let get away...and through waivers. Thanks Duquette!

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