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Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 213 of 1043 players
Dennis Bryan Cook
Born: October 4, 1962 at Lamarque, Tex.
Throws: Left Bats: Left
Height: 6.03 Weight: 190

Dennis Cook was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on October 5, 2014, July 16, 2015, August 19, 2016, April 2, 2017, and October 3, 2017.


First Mets game: March 31, 1998
Last Mets game: July 26, 2001

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Michelle Paz
I'm happy with the way Dennis Cook handled himself during that disastrous road trip to San Fran, more specifically, the May 4th game. Even though that SF player was being unprofessional (I forgot the guy's name), I'm glad that Dennis didn't rush the guy and start throwing punches. In consideration of the LA-Chicago Cubs game a few days ago, it's nice to see that Dennis kept his cool and didn't make a jerk out of himself.

Dennis, I love your toughness. But if you throw one more sidearmed garbage fastball to a lefthander I'm going to destroy my TV. Please please please abandon that sidearm delivery.

April 18, 2001
good for a 0.50 era before the allstar break and 12.00 thereafter. will not throw a strike unless he absolutely has to. I feel like he gets more 3-2 counts than anyone ive ever seen. and forget about it if there are runners on base..i generally watch my hair get grey when he comes in for 2/3 of an inning. towards the end of last season, if he came into the game when the Mets had the lead, I would turn off the tv and/or radio and go about my business, having conceded defeat. I was proven correct all too often. however, so far this year he looks fresh. also, I heard that he was a big 2-way star in college and apparently hes a great hitter. does anyone know if thats true?

Won Doney
April 19, 2001
What Mets games were you watching? Dennis Cook not only had a winning record last year, but his ERA was consistantly around 5. So far, he hasn't shown any clue that he is a bad pitcher this year.

April 19, 2001
what Mets games was I watching??? well, most of the ones in the second half. cook finished up with a 5.3 ERA, sure (which still isnt good), but he completely fell apart in the second half of the season. how many inherited runners did he allow to score?

Won Doney
May 25, 2001
I didn't say that an ERA of 5.3 was good. I said that his ERA was in that range during the entire 2000 season.

July 27, 2001
he came out of the parking lot at 2:30 a.m. after the Mets beat the Cards to move on to the 2000 World Series. He asked my friend and I if we had anything we wanted him to sign. I gave him a pencil to sign to my scorebook so I could erase it later.. I don't want his name anywhere near my stuff. He's terrible. the next day I find out he's got kidney stones.. He's so bad and he's 38. Nice guy but I can't watch him pitch, bc he can't find the plate AND he loves the vulcan wins. He allows the other team to tie it just so he gets the win.

Mr. Sparkle
August 15, 2001
He wasn't half bad this year. There were times he stunk up the joint but overall he had a decent year for the Mets. Not bad for an old timer.

I have a soft spot for Cook since he was born one day after me. I have 3 kids. He had three kids all in one shot. Not exactly Apu Nahasapeemapetilon but triplets gotta be a handful. Sorry to hear about his wife's recent miscarriage.

August 20, 2001
The memory that sticks in my head is when Cook called Marvin Benard a "little midget" at Pac Bell Park last season. The rest of the team had to restrain Cook from punching the little midget in the head. Cook was exactly the kind of nutcase I loved having on my team, but hated when he was on the other team. I also remember when Cook was pitching for the Marlins and started screaming at Pat Corrales, who was coaching first base for the Braves at the time. Cook just stood on the mound and was screaming at Corrales. It was hysterical.

September 12, 2001
Was it me, or was Dennis Cook the Phillies pitcher who hit Gooden with a pitch resulting in a bench clearing brawl where Darren Daulton manhandled Strawberry back in '90?

Won Doney
September 12, 2001
You're right. That was Dennis Cook back in 1990.

October 25, 2002
Does anyone remember the first game of the 2000 season in Japan? There was a microphone in the Mets bullpen and Cook let fly with a classic "motherf-----" that wasn't edited. What happened was Rickey Henderson was either brushed back or hit with a high pitch. Shortly thereafter, the camera (as well as the live microphone) went to the Mets bullpen and Cook was overheard saying to the other pitchers in the pen, "Rickey was looking low and outside . . . the pitcher said, "I'm going to hit the m-f!" The weird thing was that the game was on in New York at 5:30 a.m., so we talked about it later at work that day (instead of the next morning). I still laugh thinking about it!!

Gregory Gewirtz
April 4, 2003
I remember Cook having more good moments than bad, especially when put in the context of the parade of completely ineffective lefty relievers who have paraded through Shea before and after Cook.

My favorite Cook moment came the evening we traded for Piazza in May 1998, against the Brewers at Shea. In the seventh or eighth inning of that game, Cook came in with runners on first and second and nobody out (Vina and Grissom were the runners) Cook picked off the guy on second and the guy on first before finishing pitching to his first batter. He eventually let up two baserunners, and Franco had to bail Cook out. Still, how often does a reliever pick off two baserunners before recording a pitching out (or in his case, instead of getting a regular out?)

November 6, 2005
He had a bad back that he was always stretching on the mound. A very tense guy. Think of the other guys who have bad backs: Randy Johnson, Mike Hampton, Kevin Brown ... all uptight, angry guys. It's not a fluke.

Jonathan Stern
November 15, 2005
Reminded me a little of Donald Duck whenever he really lost it. Well, if that's what it took for him to do his job, okay. I doubt it was too much of a coincidence that the Bobby V. Mets fell apart after they let Cook and Turk go. As with the Davey Johnson Mets, when the colorful guys are sent packing, it usually means trouble.

November 23, 2005
He could always get one out. I don't remember him ever not getting at least one out whenever I saw him pitch. Even when he'd get pounded, he'd get at least one out.

August 23, 2012
Cook was a great lefty in the Mets' pen from 98-01 and that trade in which he and Turk Wendell got dealt to Philly was dumb at the time. Give Steve Phillips credit though because Cook retired a year later and Wendell had some arm injuries and wasn't the same pitcher in both Philly and Colorado. Nonetheless, the Mets' pen wasn't the same after that trade until 2006.

But that duo of him and Turk at the turn of the century (or should I say millennium) was just awesome. They always did their jobs and bridged for Franco and Benitez to finish it off. Cook even had 10 wins outta the pen in 1999 and good for him he got to be on two championship teams. Unfortunately, the Mets were not one of them.

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