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Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 214 of 1043 players
Charles Hugh O'Brien
Born: May 1, 1960 at Tulsa, Okla.
Throws: Right Bats: Right
Height: 6.02 Weight: 190

Charlie O'Brien was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on February 13, 2011, November 26, 2017, and February 12, 2018.


First Mets game: September 1, 1990
Last Mets game: October 3, 1993

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Big E
Great backup catcher. Kind of like Todd Pratt, but O'Brien couldn't outhit most A ball guys.

Ghost of Casey
Was dubbed 'Soul Man' by his teammates due to his tendancy to talk and act like a black person.

Mr. Sparkle
January 8, 2001
I hated this guy when he was with the Mets because he couldn't hit. Then when he was on the Braves I remember the Brave pitcher either hit or almost hit Gooden with a pitch. Gooden charged the mound and O'Brien, his ex-teammate, jumped on Gooden's back and started pounding him in the head. I couldn't believe he would do that to an ex-teammate regardless of the circumstances. I can't stand to see his ugly mug at all. He sickens me.

Slim Greek Slim
January 19, 2001
There is a guy I know who works in sports broadcasting. He's met many athletes and if there is one athlete who he has met and really hates it's Charlie O'Brien. You can't even mention his name around this guy.

February 28, 2001
this deuche bag was on the braves some time after his stint with the Mets. I remember a game where smoltz or avery gave up a grand slam. the next batter was little john cangelosi who was promptly beaned, so he did the only thing he could at that point and charged the mound but before he could get to the pitcher o'brien tackled him from behind and threw quite a few cheap shots at the little guy. was never worth a thing baseball. every time I looked at the guy I was convinced he may have been a woman the week before. I believe he was the one responsible for the hockey style catcher mask, what an idiot.

August 15, 2001
I remember when he bought these "special" bats that were almost red, and were really expensive. anyway, they were supposedly unbreakable and the announcers would talk a blue streak about how great they were. His first or second time using the bat he tapped it on the plate and it broke in half. I laughed my ass off, and can remember Kiner going "oh my!".

Mets Ago GO
March 5, 2002
They got this guy from the Brewers, down the stretch in the 1990 season. Not a bad catcher, but a terrible hitter. When he left they were not missing anything.

Neil Toronto
April 15, 2002
Became a fan favorite in Toronto in '96-'97. Just the type of player lame-ass Blue Jays fans love - mediocre "underdog" who hussles but can't hit his weight and is usually a cancer in the clubhouse (Jays fans LOVED Canseco in '98). He indeed became the first catcher to use the hockey helmet when he was approached by a Toronto-area goalie mask manufacturer in '96. Somehow hit 13 HRs in '96. Somehow held a Major League job until he was 40 years old!

May 27, 2002
After reading the comments above, it just goes to show you can't judge a book by its cover. O'Brien guards his privacy well, so he seems aloof to many people.

No, he couldn't hit his weight, but he could handle pitchers like a dream. He'll make a great major league coach someday.

However, if you get to know the man, you would find him funny, warm, and caring. Great guy--once you get past the cover of the book. It's probably best he didn't stay in NYC long. Being around you guys might have ruined him.

Larry Burns
June 3, 2002
While on the Mets he could not do a damn thing, especially hit. The announcers would always wax poetically on his ability to "handle" pitchers. Why is that so important? Are pitchers idiotic automatons who need a master's hand to excel? I always thought that ability was grossly overrated. When you get down to it, the pitcher ultimately decides what to pitch. After reading all of these memories, I can understand why people hate this jerk.

August 20, 2002
All you guys are such critical losers. Do any of you play major league baseball? If not, then you have no room to talk. Charlie was a veteran catcher and one of the most experienced catchers there was. I know many Major League Pitchers and they'll all tell you that Charlie is one of their favorite behind the plate. All you guys look at is batting statistics. Like that's the only thing that matters in baseball. What about defense?

September 17, 2002
I thought Charlie O'brain was a great backup catcher that could hit a little. I also caught a ball from him in 1995 when he was a Brave.

Frank Grimes
September 21, 2002
I have compiled a list of my all time hated Mets by position. Charlie leads the list as the catcher. Piazza is the all time greatest catcher and Charlie is an all time jerk. Lousy hitter, nasty dispoition.

Bing Chermokovo
October 3, 2002
Charlie is a very gentle, caring tender man. He always would give you the shirt off his back or hand a stranger money if they needed it. He was always like that, even when he was with the Mets.

Joe Figliola
October 4, 2002
There seems to be more debate about Charlie's personality than his talents as a ballplayer. Occasionally, when he did a few commercial spots for an upcoming Mets promotion, he seemed funny and engaging. I never heard anything about him being nasty or aloof or anything like that.

He won a JF scorebook batting title for me in 1993, when he went .400 on a 12-for-30 (note: if you want to win a JF scorebook batting title, you have to have a minimum of 20 at-bats). Then he left for Atlanta.

Other than that, his lack of hitting definitely reflected in my numbers. His most memorable hit (scoring-wise) was in a 1991 game against the Dodgers when he hit one of about five doubles that the Amazin's hit in one inning. I think it still is a record for most doubles hit by the Mets in one frame. Look it up.

Max Power
February 18, 2003
If you don't already hate Charlie O'Brien checkout the picture on Mets by the Numbers under #44. On this page some people hate this jerk and some people seem to think he's a great guy. If you're unsure check out this picture and you'll hate him. A surly a**hole who couldn't hit and was a major cheap shot artist and scumbag behind the plate. Pitchers liked him because they knew what it was like to pitch to him. An easy out. Even his being Irish doesn't save him in my eyes!

Lee Devereaux
August 29, 2003
I hate Charlie O'Brien! He was signing autographs on a hot day in July of 1993 and he looked at my friend and I and walked right passed us. Totally got dissed. What a jerk.

Joe Figliola
December 2, 2003
I don't normally watch those outdoor shows on ESPN, but it just so happens that one of these programs featured Charlie. He was wearing fatigues and I think he was carrying a crossbow. His appearance definitely creeped me out.

Joe P.
October 4, 2004
Looked like Gene Wilder. Invented those annoying goalie / catcher masks. Couldn't hit his weight.

Jonathan Stern
January 26, 2005
I don't remember anything terrible about Charlie O'Brien as a person. I do remember that when he was with the Mets, he could catch but couldn't hit. He seemed to epitomize the word "Journeyman."

Then he goes to the Braves and catches them to their only World Championship of their still-going run of success. There he was, on the field when the final out was made, in the center of the dogpile.

March 22, 2006
When I was 12 years old in Mets baseball camp (around 93) all week we heard that there was going to be a guest instructor at the end of the week. Among the staff and kids the big rumor was that it was gonna be Hojo. Granted he was on his downside but he was still a Met legend, someone kids and staff alike loved and respected.

So imagine my dismay Thursday morning when we got up and found out that our guest instructor was the great Charlie O'Brien. Even at that young age I knew he was a total hack and couldn't hit a beach ball if Marge Schott threw it. Anyway that day he had nothing to offer. If I didn't know any better I would've bet they threatened to cut his deplorable perm off if he didn't do this "clinic". All the kids knew he was a hack and I actually felt sorry for him at one point and begrudgedly posed for a photo with him (that's right ..I posed with him!) He stinks!

Houston Angel
August 20, 2006
Charlie O'Brien now coaches his son's 13 year old baseball team - based out of Tulsa Oklahoma. The man was a total jerk to our coaches and umpires - we played his coached team - in the Super Series World Series in Memphis, Tenn. I thought it was humorous to watch a lifetime .221 hitter try to show kids how to hit. No wonder his team got beat: they couldn't hit. He has a 13-year-old son who is a switch hitter and unlike his dad, this kid can rake.

Charles Biggs
September 19, 2007
The Mets were trying to sell the original Press box suites they made in 1991.They offered a tour of the clubhouse to all season ticket holders and a tour of the new suites and then to a Diamond Club snack & Suggestion portion . My suggestion was "To improve the team for the 1991 season can you get rid of Charlie O'Brien and help him find a new occupation other than baseball or carpentry, because he does not know how to do anything with a piece of wood." The crowd applauded me!

John L.
November 21, 2007
Always thought he looked a lot like Harpo Marx. Harpo was much more fun to watch.

February 12, 2008
Gooden once said that O'Brien was the best defensive catcher he had ever seen.

Mike A.
March 28, 2008
The flip side of what Mackey Sasser was as a Mets backup catcher.

Sasser could hit but had trouble fielding, so the Mets brass tried the reverse parallel universe theory...bring in O'Brien who could field but had trouble hitting!

Had that funky Chia-Pet perm hairdo as well!

Tulsa BK
May 18, 2009
I am a part of the Bishop Kelley Baseball program where Charlie O'Brien is now an assistant coach, and I know him very well personally. I only have the utmost respect for him. Coach O'Brien cares for the well-being of his players and our development as people.

alex L (Bk baseball)
July 9, 2009
I play for Bishop Kelley and Charlie O'Brien is a fantastic coach, a great person, and a wonderful friend. But I can't stand his hairdo, the perm and mullet, whatever it is. It needs to be shaven off...immediately.

March 5, 2012
I'm pretty sure O'Brien was the only Mets catcher to wear an orange chest protector and shin guards. I always thought it was cool.

Stephen bk
August 11, 2015
Played for this guy in high school. One of the greatest baseball minds there is. He should be a coach in the majors someday. Unbelievable understanding of the game and incredible work ethic that shows true leadership. No one saw the field of play better and was always one step ahead as a defensive catcher.

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