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Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 177 of 1043 players
Jeffrey James Reardon
Born: October 1, 1955 at Dalton, Mass.
Throws: Right Bats: Right
Height: 6.01 Weight: 190

Jeff Reardon has been the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup 10 times, most recently on August 29, 2006.


First Mets game: June 17, 1979
Last Mets game: May 25, 1981

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Another gorgeous Met trade. Soon to be a premier closer, he was already showing signs of what was to come. And they traded him for Elvis Valentine. I call him Elvis because although many claimed to have seen him, there was never really any solid proof that he wasn't dead.

May 9, 2001
The Mets chose Neil Allen as their closer over Jeff "The Terminator" Reardon. Bad choice, but Allen was the centerpiece in the Keith Hernandez trade so it all worked out for the best.

January 31, 2002
I heard Dodgers' radio announcer Vin Scully once say that Reardon was a dead ringer for Brutus, from the "Popeye" cartoons. He also pointed out that Eddie Murray was the spitting image of "Lamont" from "Sanford & Son."

Anthony Reccoppa
April 28, 2002
Reardon for Ellis Valentine! Good one Frank, that was a real doozy!

May 15, 2002
I remember Jeff Reardon being horrendous while with the Mets. I nick-named him "Bringing Up the Rear-don" and of course in my typical Mets fashion we trade him he becomes phenomenal. Just add him to list of players that we let go who became amazing. (Like Nolan Ryan.)

Joe "Metsie" Feltman
May 1, 2003
Absolutely WORST trade in Mets history. Worse than Ryan/Fregosi, Kent/Baerga, Seaver/Bunch of Clowns, or Staub/Lolich. Why, you may ask? You have to look at the results.

If the Mets kept Ryan, Staub, Seaver, etc., they might have gotten to the playoffs one more time in the mid-70's, but if they kept Reardon, him and Orosco would have been lights out and those close years when the Mets got knocked out, 1984, 1985, 1987, 1989, Reardon would have made the difference. Especially in '84 and '85 when the Mets were depending on Doug Sisk. You're talking potentialy 4-5 World Championships BLOWN by letting Reardon go.

And what did they get? A ballplayer that tried to bat with half a football face mask! At least wear the whole darn thing Ellis!

September 24, 2004
Two nights ago I was hanging at Pizzeria Uno's in Cambridge. Jeff Reardon walked right up to me and introduced himself, I knew it was him right away...It was pretty cool.

October 11, 2004
I wonder what games Shari could have been watching to form her impressions. Jeff's numbers were very strong as a Met, and it wasn't like he was one of those guys who let inherited runners score and didn't have them show up in his ERA. He had *heat* when he was young.

I saw Mookie once when he made an appearance at a sporting-goods store in the Village sometime in the '80s. I asked him who he found to be the toughest closer to face. His answer: "Reardon."

Bob Inzerillo
December 18, 2005
Only the Mets can trade a guy on the verge of becoming one of the all-time great closers in the history of the game, for a player who wore a football helmet when he batted.

December 27, 2005
Jeff. No -one blames you for what happened at that jewelry store. Things happen and life goes on. Nobody in this world is perfect. Every time I hear the name Jeff Reardon, I remember the Mn Twins and the winning of the World Series. Thank you Jeff Reardon for all the great baseball memories. Your friend, Jim C.

Kevin M
December 27, 2005
Jeff: You were all business, a real class guy, and I always thought of you as one of us. Hang in there, buddy. Your fans understand and wish you well. Now's the time for the biggest save of your life. Let's go Jeff!

December 27, 2005
Depression is real, and it is nasty. It's easy to understand it in connection with the death of Jeff's son, but many don't know how prevalant it is with heart disease. Add in the holidays and you have a real opportunity for personal disaster. I'll always remember the day we were separated by only a car window on the return level of MSP airport right after you returned from Atlanta in '87. You had a rather pleading look in your eye... I know you know who I am, but please don't make a fuss right now... Hang in there, Jeff, I'm willing to make a fuss over you now, when it seems you need it the most. Twins fan.

December 29, 2005
I guess this is as close as I can come. Having just heard the news about Jeff Reardon's arrest, I am just looking for a way to let Jeff know that he still has loyal fans. Through my hard times I've always had baseball, through his hard times he has his fans.

carolyn larocque
January 15, 2006
I babysat J.B. and Shane Reardon when Jeff was working with the Montreal Expos in 1984-85. Jeff and his wife Phebe were so kind-hearted, generous and plain NICE. It is with great sadness that I heard about their son. If you read this, know that I am thinking of your family and remembering how gentle and wonderful you were with your family. I had great respect and admiration for you all. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Fondly, Carolyn

Dan Gurney
November 21, 2007
Had the nerve to ask the clubhouse man for number "41".

Jonathan Stern
March 5, 2008
One day when Reardon was with Les Expos, his wife went onto to the field to promote some charity. But Reardon was going through a bad stretch on the mound and the mean Montreal fans booed his wife! She ran off the field in tears.

david lozano
September 25, 2009
Played with Jeff in 1977. He had a phenomenal year (17-4) yet the Mets traded him away. Sorry to hear about his depression and his son; hopefully he got help and they are alright. Him and his wife Phebe were nice people. My prayers are with them.

NYB Buff
June 24, 2013
How many pitchers can claim that his first major league win came in a game played while he was still in the minor leagues? This is exactly what happened to Jeff, who was called up to the Mets in August of 1979. On the 27th of the month, he pitched the ninth inning of a tie game that had been suspended from June 17. The Mets got a run in the bottom of the inning to make him the winning pitcher. Therefore, Reardon's first win in the majors was for a game that was officially played when he was in the minors. I don't think any other pitcher ever had this experience.

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