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Robert Howard Myrick
Born: October 1, 1952 at Hattiesburg, Miss.
Died: August 23, 2012 at Hattiesburg, Miss.
Throws: Left Bats: Right
Height: 6.01 Weight: 195

Bob Myrick was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on July 10, 2011, August 24, 2012, August 27, 2012, and June 5, 2016.


First Mets game: May 28, 1976
Last Mets game: May 18, 1978

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daniel myrick
March 7, 2001
I think that Bob Myrick was a good ball player because he showed me everything I need to know about baseball. As his son I think that he has brought me and my brother into a good baseball player. And the good thing is that he is my dad and he is my baseball player. If anyone wants to get an signature of him send a card to 32 Troon Hattiesburg Mississippi 39401

Logan Swanson
April 22, 2001
Myrick's eyes bulged out of his head. Probably would have scared kids had he ever made it.

November 7, 2001
Oh, the days of Bob Myrick, Nino Espinosa and Bruce Boclair. I remember them well. I think Myrick set up a few saves for SKip Lockwood.

Mr. Sparkle
November 5, 2002
My real memories about Bob were his bug eyes that seemed to be popping out of his skull in both his yearbook picture and baseball card.

Gregory Sakatos
April 25, 2003
I had the wonderful opportunity some years back to have a chance meeting that turned into an all day affair and dinner invite with Bob and his wife, Bob Apodaca and a friend of mine, Rick Stoll. A nicer man I don't believe I've ever met. Wonderful family.

May 16, 2003
I'm not even related to Bob Myrick and I'm willing to say he was a good pitcher. He had a short career but he seemed to always be effective when he pitched. He was a lefty and not the hardest pitcher I've ever seen but was able to get guys out. I think the Mets must have messed him up somehow as they did with countless other players.

He and Skip Lockwood formed a pretty good lefty/righty duo in the pen for some lousy teams.

February 17, 2005
This is another guy ahead of his time! His numbers aren't too bad, and he pitched for some really bad teams! Today he'd be a highly paid specialist! Too bad, he was dependable, we should have held on to him a little longer. Lefties always come along later!

Joe P.
May 29, 2005
My only memory was his photo in the Mets Yearbook (probably '78 or '79) of him holding an open umbrella in one hand and a little 'hot-dog' pooch in the other. Bad enough the team was horrendous back then. But to do that to the poor guy on top of it...

Jamey Bumbalo
December 6, 2006
He had decent stats during the Mets' down years. If he were pitching today he'd be making millions as a lefty set-up man.

Stu Baron
March 28, 2010
I attended the Mayors Trophy Game at Shea, 6/23/77, and I remember that Myrick pitched - I think he started. I also remember that the crowd was so small that the mezzanine and upper levels were closed - everyone sat in the field and loge levels.

August 27, 2012
I was just on and saw they had Bob listed in their "in memoriam" column!!

Seems like he was still kind of young. I remember him pitching during some of those tough years in the late 70s; seemed like a serviceable major leaguer. Today, as a lefty out of the pen, he'd be worth millions!!

Bob P
August 28, 2012
Sadly, Bob passed away on August 23, 2012 after suffering a heart attack. He was just 59.

After leaving baseball, Bob, his brother, and a couple of cousins co-owned a company called "Economy Supply" in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. The company made building supplies and had been owned by Bob's grandfather when Bob was growing up. Bob retired earlier this year. He was also a youth baseball coach after his playing days.

He is survived by his wife and four sons, one of whom apparently made the first comment above back in 2001.

Bob may not have had a long and storied career, but he is part of the fabric of Mets history. RIP Bob, and on behalf of all Mets fans our condolences to the Myrick family. Thanks for sharing Bob with us.

Parsippany John
September 3, 2012
On this Labor Day holiday, I was thinking back to the Mets lean days in the late 70s, and Bob came to mind. I just did a Google search on him and was stunned to find out that he passed away just a week and a half ago!! How very sad. Somehow, I recall him wearing #44 in those days.

Oddly, my most lingering memory of him was the way Bob Murphy pronounced his last name. As he always did, Murph emphasized his vowels. Thus, it came out as "mYYrick" :-). I remember too in (I believe it was) the 78/79 yearbook, next to his bio is a black and white picture of him with his dog at Shea, crouched under an umbrella during a shower. The editor of the yearbook pointed out, "Myrick is the one holding the umbrella." That still brings a smile to my face. Indeed, Bob, you were a part of the Mets fabric. Rest in Peace, Buddy, and my sincerest condolences to your family. God Bless.

Stu Baron
September 5, 2012
I attended the Mayors Trophy game at Shea in 1977, which Myrick started for the Mets. A couple of oddities: There were so few people at the game that the mezzanine and upper decks were closed, and Jimmy "The Toy Cannon" Wynn played 3B for the Yankees. He had all of 2 official appearances at the hot corner during his 15-year career, both coming in 1963 with Houston.

Joel myrick
December 30, 2012
As most know my dad passed away Aug 23 this year. Many know him and his stats and I know him as a father and my best friend. Most don't know dad was a devout Christian. He retired March 31, 2012 and was having the time of his life. He was so busy being with family and friends, golf and fishing, and his passion: helping people. Dad started what he called Mercy Mowing. He would wake up each day and go and mow someone's yard who was unable to do it or couldn't afford to pay someone to do it. He was that type of person. On the 23rd he was mowing a lady's yard and had a heart attack. My dad loved life and enjoyed every day he lived. He was such a giver and impacted so many people's lives.

Quality Met
January 12, 2013
Joel, thanks for that wonderful entry about your father. I'm sure he was good man who will be greatly missed by you and others who knew him well. One memory I have of Bob is a photo of him in one of the old Mets' yearbooks. In the rain, he was carrying an umbrella while in a crouch position next to his dog Stanley. As a way of distinguishing the pair, the caption for the picture jokingly said that "Myrick is the one holding the umbrella." Being a sensitive kid, I thought this was a terrible insult to the man. Ballplayers are human beings and they have feelings just like the rest of us!

RIP, Bob.

January 12, 2013
My condolences to the Myrick family. I was at the game (May 28, 1976) in which he made his major league debut. I don't remember if it was announced over the P/A system or shown on the scoreboard, but the Mets mentioned that it was his major league debut.

April 2, 2013
I was just looking at the 2013 Mets team and thinking back to some of the teams of my youth and thought of Bob Myrick, my favorite pitcher during some down years for the Mets and their fans. There were many neighborhood wiffle ball games in New York circa 1976 where I pitched as Bob Myrick, usually facing Reggie Jackson or some annoying Yankee kid. I googled him and just saw that he had passed away. Condolences to all of the Myrick family. I never had the pleasure of meeting your Dad but as a 12-year-old left-handed pitcher I wanted to be him, and from your description, it sounds as though I picked a good guy to emulate. RIP Bob Myrick!

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