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Memories added since July 28, 2015

GARY COHEN Share your memories of Gary Cohen
Gary Cohen's complete Mets profile
Diamond Dave
August 11, 2015
I really like Gary Cohen. He knows Mets history and has a great voice. I am a fan of Ron and Keith as analysts as well, though I like Keith a little more. If we had to endure Ron Darling doing play-by-play as he did this weekend in Tampa vs. the Rays, I would not like Darling at all as its not his forte. This shows how great Gary Cohen is. WOW did we miss him this weekend. He shines as a play-by-play man. We are lucky to have him. Hope he gets to call some playoff games this year!

MATT GALANTE Share your memories of Matt Galante
Matt Galante's complete Mets profile
Joe Sherman
July 29, 2015
I remember Matt and his St. John's teammate Joe Russo as the best double play combination I ever saw in the Cape Cod League. Matt, of course, was at second base and Joey played shortstop for the Cotuit Kettleers in the early 1960s, a few years before Thurman Munson arrived on the Cape to play at Chatham and Bobby Valentine, just out of Rippowam High School in Connecticut, played for manager Lou Lamoriello at Yarmouth. It was great to see Craig Biggio, who also played on the Cape in 1986, credit Galante for helping him become a Gold Glove second baseman during his Hall of Fame acceptance speech on Sunday.

TOMMY HOLMES Share your memories of Tommy Holmes
Tommy Holmes's complete Mets profile
August 11, 2015
My dad played ball with him as a kid in Brooklyn. He always remembered him fondly. My dad was 2 years older and he managed the team. I believe they were called the Kroy Wens for New York spelled in reverse!

OMAR MINAYA Share your memories of Omar Minaya
Omar Minaya's complete Mets profile
Anthony Robert
August 11, 2015
When you consider that the whole Madoff mess happened during his tenure, and that lot of the current players such as Dan Murphy and Lucas Duda were drafted under him, he really was not a bad GM. Despite what I said at first to the contrary, he was better overall than Steve Phillips.

Dan the Man
August 11, 2015
There is this perception among Mets fans then and probably now that Omar was nothing more than a babbling idiot. But let's evaluate, takes over a team in chaos and then two years later in 2006 he gets them pretty close to the pennant. Despite the epic collapses the next two years, there was still competitive baseball being played in September.

Even though the next two years (2009 and 2010) finished in disappointment, I really believe Omar's hands were tied by ownership on what he could and couldn't do. Not all his fault. I believe he was purposely put in situations to make him look bad.

Currently in 2015 all of the Mets young pitching talent was drafted by Omar not the "Harvard genius" who is taking all the credit.

One last thing, there was a bit Imus used to have where Rob Bartlett would gave hilarious impersonations of Omar. Omar was apparently a big fan and one day joined Rob while he roasted him. Can you see "The Genius" having a personality like that?

BOB MURPHY Share your memories of Bob Murphy
Bob Murphy's complete Mets profile
Eddie A. , upstate New York
August 11, 2015
It is hard to believe so much time has passed since Bob left us. I was born in 62 and have followed the Mets over all these years through the good times and the bad times for all long as I can remember. Listening to them on a transistor radio with my dad on the porch from the late 60s on. When I heard of Bob's passing I felt like I was hit in the stomach. I remember sitting and wiping my eyes. Bob's voice was heard so often in our house it was as though he was part of the family. I guess in a way he was. My love for the Mets and baseball I'm sure will continue as it has but it surely is missing something special and that something special is Bob Murphy. Bob you were blessed in many ways in your life and we were blessed to have you in ours. Rest in peace my friend.

HOWIE ROSE Share your memories of Howie Rose
Howie Rose's complete Mets profile
Eric Tartaglione
August 11, 2015
I think Howie is fantastic. When he shared the radio with Gary Cohen, I likened them to the Red Barber and Mel Allen of our generation.

DAN WARTHEN Share your memories of Dan Warthen
Dan Warthen's complete Mets profile
August 11, 2015
Hard to believe he's been here since the 08 collapse team, which is a whole different era or so ago. Now he's helping develop, or really has developed, what might be the best starting staff in Mets history. We'll see what becomes of them, but it's been a long, strange trip for Warthen.

EDDIE YOST Share your memories of Eddie Yost
Eddie Yost's complete Mets profile
Bob WAllace
August 9, 2015
It's been a few years since Eddie passed away,so I hope telling this story is o.k. Way back in the 1950's I wrote Eddie Yost a letter asking him to send me an autographed picture. I didn't have a address for him other than South Ozone Park, New York. I never expected to hear from him, but sure enough a few weeks later a Don Wingfield photo came in the mail to me. This was Eddie Yost. He never let me down. Believe me as a 10-year-old kid in I was a big deal in my neighborhood. Bob Wallace

Walt Atkinson
August 11, 2015
Ed, you and my father were close friends and high school teammates at John Adams. I remember your house across from church. When we attended Met games at Shea, we would usually meet you before the games during BP. I just got this feeling, you and him are on the field now in heaven! Thank you for being a great person!

STEVE ZABRISKIE Share your memories of Steve Zabriskie
Steve Zabriskie's complete Mets profile
August 11, 2015
I never liked Zabriske. I felt that he cost Strawberry the mvp in 1988 which his constant harping about where he played in the outfield. He was rooting for McReynolds who had good numbers but a lot of his numbers were just that: numbers. He never said anything about the play of Kirk Gibson who was basically a DH in the outfield. Strawberry was setting a record for home runs against lefthanded pitching, by a left or righthanded batter, but Zabriske made comments about Strawberry missing a punch he threw at Hernandez in spring training. He said he missed the punch because Hernandez was lefthanded.

When people look at Darryl's stats now they wonder how he could lose the MVP to an outfielder with 76 rbi. Part of the reason was Zabriske. When Hernandez didn't hit he always brushed it off and talked about his leadership. Strawberry alone had as many hr and rbi as Gibson and Hernandez had combined.

He also made that crack about Ramirez to Garcia to Gallaraga not sounding like a law firm which ticked off a lot of Hispanics who saw it as bigoted.

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