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Player memories added since May 16, 2014
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BUTCH BENTON Share your memories of Butch Benton
Butch Benton's complete Mets profile
May 24, 2014
Hey, I remember Butch Benton, I was at a game for batting practice and got a home run ball that he hit and gave it to my girlfriend at the time. Should have had him sign it.

IKE DAVIS Share your memories of Ike Davis
Ike Davis's complete Mets profile
Hot Foot
May 30, 2014
I think it's well known among Mets insiders (and all of MLB for that matter) that last year Ike publicly said that he couldn't identify a curveball out of the pitcher's hand- in essence, saying that he couldn't really hit them. I remember Howie Rose expressing shock that he would say such a thing publicly. Even on his last home run for the Mets, which was a curveball, I remember in the interview on the field just after he hit the grand slam, he said something like- I don't know what it was, but I hit it well...

Well, even if that's true, I think he was a little too outspoken and honest about his inability to hit breaking pitches. That notwithstanding, I put some of the blame on Dave Hudgens, the (thankfully) former Mets hitting coach. At best, Hudgens failed Ike. At worst, he ruined him.

I say that because when Ike came up in 2010, he seemed like he was capable of playing every day and eventually hitting .300 with power. Back then, he brought a rush of energy to the team. I went to Citi Field soon after he got called up, just to see him play in person. I liked Ike. Remember that? I like Ike? Well, I still do, even if he plays for the Pirates now. He's a nice guy, that's why.

I have good memories of him, and yes, he was very frustrating to watch last year and in the first half of 2012. Other than that, he was great. Maybe he'll finally learn how to hit a curveball now that he has a new hitting coach. Too bad the Mets traded him before Lamar Johnson could work with him on a regular basis.

KYLE FARNSWORTH Share your memories of Kyle Farnsworth
Kyle Farnsworth's complete Mets profile
Shickhaus Franks
May 16, 2014
Got sent down to Triple-A Las Vegas and refused so now he's a free agent hoping to get revenge on the Mets. I wouldn't be surprised if he winds up in indy ball either for the Long Island Ducks or the St. Paul Saints!!!! In the words of Ty Webb aka Chevy Chase from "Caddyshack" --- "THANK YOU VERY LITTLE."

JULIO FRANCO Share your memories of Julio Franco
Julio Franco's complete Mets profile
Shickhaus Franks
May 26, 2014
He's part George Foreman, part Mick Jagger. At age 55, Julio is ready to become a member of the independent Fort Worth Cats! Julio is "YOUNG AT HEART".

CURTIS GRANDERSON Share your memories of Curtis Granderson
Curtis Granderson's complete Mets profile
May 24, 2014
When Sandy signed Granderson I said he would make fans miss Jason Bay. I am right.

JIM HICKMAN Share your memories of Jim Hickman
Jim Hickman's complete Mets profile
TC Conn
May 26, 2014
I met Jim AFTER his playing days were over. I was stationed at Blytheville Air Force Base Arkansas. He was a friend of my ex-wife's dad and she knew him also and I was fortunate to get to make that trip over to Tn., and meet him and his family. He and his family were great people, truly a humble individual. He would never talk about his baseball career unless you were to ask him a question about it. Got to play softball with him and his kids and some friends and we had a blast. We got to spend the weekends at their place on several occasions. One memory I have was we were on a small makeshift raft and were enjoying a short trip and it started sinking...OMG that was hilarious. Thanks Jim and family for the memories.

Matthew Schwartz
May 30, 2014
Jim Hickman rented a house on Summit Ave. in my hometown of River Edge, N.J. around 1963 when he played for the Mets, my favorite team. I played with his son a few times and met Mr. Hickman, and he couldn't have been nicer. Even though I've been a Mets fan my whole life, I always rooted for him when he played for the Cubs and other teams.

JUAN LAGARES Share your memories of Juan Lagares
Juan Lagares's complete Mets profile
May 30, 2014
One of the greatest defensive center fielders I have ever seen. He makes the hard plays look so easy.

RAFAEL MONTERO Share your memories of Rafael Montero
Rafael Montero's complete Mets profile
May 24, 2014
Seen enough of Montero to know he needs to be sent to minors to never be seen again. Nice prospect Sandy.

DANIEL MURPHY Share your memories of Daniel Murphy
Daniel Murphy's complete Mets profile
Ringo Boisclair
May 24, 2014
He just keeps getting better and better and better. He's worked on the weaker aspects of his game and now he has no weak points. At least average fielding, great on the bases, great at the plate.

It shows anything is possible if you work hard enough.

He's the one Met you want up when the game is on the line. I had the second comment here going on six years ago. My opinion of him as a ballplayer was high then and has kept rising since.

DANNY NAPOLEON Share your memories of Danny Napoleon
Danny Napoleon's complete Mets profile
Roland Smilnak
May 30, 2014
As a young boy, I grew up in Binghamton, N.Y. We were the Mets minor league team in the N.Y. League. I remember going to see the Auburn Mets play and Danny was the centerfielder. All I can say is a complete baseball player. Built like a middle linebacker and could run like a deer and could really tag the baseball. And always had that gentleman's smile. Not surprised to see him in the big leagues the next season.

RUBEN TEJADA Share your memories of Ruben Tejada
Ruben Tejada's complete Mets profile
Hot Foot
May 20, 2014
Ahhhh, another memory of dear Ruben.

I see his average has dropped down to .185, and my first thought is- I hope he goes 0 for the next 50 so Terry Collins will finally bench him and play Wilmer Flores.

Nice memory.

May 30, 2014
Not a major league shortstop, not even a AAA shortstop. This guy is a joke.

TIM TEUFEL Share your memories of Tim Teufel
Tim Teufel's complete Mets profile
May 24, 2014
Teufel signed his '89 card for me at a shopping mall in Westchester. It was the one time a Met signed something for me - I was just never into it and always felt awkward around people I didn't know well. Anyway, Tim looked eager and was wearing his World Series ring that day. A very quiet guy, very respectable.

Teufel deserved to be a regular infielder. He really should've played shortstop every day, but Johnson was platoon-crazy had a thing for using Santana. He took a lot of heat for the Buckner-style error in game 1 of the Series but it would've helped if we scored runs! A very underrated clutch hitter who spent too much of his career on the bench.

MIKE VAIL Share your memories of Mike Vail
Mike Vail's complete Mets profile
Douglas Micah Vail
May 26, 2014
Mike Vail should be a baseball sports personality not only on radio but on television. He is awesome!

AL WEIS Share your memories of Al Weis
Al Weis's complete Mets profile
Bob Johnston
May 26, 2014
I was one of the bat boys for the Holdrege, Nebraska White Sox when Mr. Weis played there. I have great memories of him. He even gave me his glove when he went to the majors. I would love to connect with him if possible.

ZACK WHEELER Share your memories of Zack Wheeler
Zack Wheeler's complete Mets profile
May 24, 2014
A number 4 pitcher in rotation at best. Never will be a great pitcher.

DAVID WRIGHT Share your memories of David Wright
David Wright's complete Mets profile
May 30, 2014
When it's all said and done, David Wright will go down as the greatest player in Mets history. I just hope they win a World Series with him on the team.

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