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Player memories added since March 19, 2014
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RICHIE ASHBURN Share your memories of Richie Ashburn
Richie Ashburn's complete Mets profile
Coach Terry Meade
April 2, 2014
Ritchie was the world's best bunter. He could put one down half way between home and third and only 6 inches fair.

MIKE BAXTER Share your memories of Mike Baxter
Mike Baxter's complete Mets profile
Shickhaus Franks
April 1, 2014
Made the Dodgers roster and played in the landmark 2 game series in Sydney, Australia vs the Diamondbacks. Btw, Baxter and Justin Turner come to Citi Field in April 2014 wearing Dodger blue.

MARLON BYRD Share your memories of Marlon Byrd
Marlon Byrd's complete Mets profile
April 1, 2014
My 2013 memory of Marlon Byrd wasn't even with the Mets. I was at PNC Park for the one-game playoff between the Pirates and the Reds. Second inning - Byrd's first postseason plate appearance - and he ripped a Johnny Cueto fastball into the leftfield seats. The crowd went ballistic, and Cueto went into a complete meltdown. It was great for Byrd, who was one of the few Mets hitters in 2013 that was worth watching on a daily basis.

TIM BYRDAK Share your memories of Tim Byrdak
Tim Byrdak's complete Mets profile
Shickhaus Franks
April 1, 2014
Heard him on the radio doing color commentary along with Josh Levin during the two-game series vs the Blue Jays in Montreal on the NEW 710 WOR-AM. Not bad at all. Maybe he has a second career as a baseball announcer if his playing career is over and if coaching isn't for him.

DILLON GEE Share your memories of Dillon Gee
Dillon Gee's complete Mets profile
Hot Foot
April 1, 2014
Is a 21st round draft pick. When he started 7-0 in 2011, I thought he could be a 20-game winner someday. Last year, after a rough start, he was able to adapt and put it together in the second half. When he's on his game, he pitches like Greg Maddux. Although it's dependent on the Mets offense scoring some runs for him, I still think he could be a 20-game winner if he can keep it together over the course of a season.

MATT HARVEY Share your memories of Matt Harvey
Matt Harvey's complete Mets profile
April 1, 2014
The Mets were coming to Pittsburgh just before the All Star break, and I bought tickets for Saturday night. Harvey was scheduled to pitch, and I couldn't wait to see him in person. Of course, the Mets scratched his start in order for him to pitch in the All Star Game. I ran into a woman wearing a Harvey jersey and told her it was too bad we didn't get to see him. She said, "Only the Mets are dumb enough to bump a guy from a game that matters in order to pitch him in a game that doesn't." Couldn't agree with her more.

LATROY HAWKINS Share your memories of LaTroy Hawkins
LaTroy Hawkins's complete Mets profile
Jonathan Stern
April 1, 2014
Came up big for us as the closer after Bobby Parnell went down with a neck injury. Without Hawkins, the 2013 Mets might very well have lost 100 games.

April 1, 2014
I kind of wish the Mets brought Hawkins back for 2014. He ended up being one of their best relievers in 2013 - he didn't allow a single run in all of September.

MIKE HESSMAN Share your memories of Mike Hessman
Mike Hessman's complete Mets profile
Mark Corrao
April 1, 2014
Big strong player. Hit a very long HR once I remember. A career minor leaguer who bounced around.

RON HODGES Share your memories of Ron Hodges
Ron Hodges's complete Mets profile
Shickhaus Franks
April 1, 2014
Wasn't related to Gil Hodges but did room with Gil's son in the minor leagues. The Village Voice did a Mets mid-season report card in 1983 where they wrote that he complained about getting more playing time. LOL

BUTCH HUSKEY Share your memories of Butch Huskey
Butch Huskey's complete Mets profile
Curt Blizzah
April 1, 2014
I watched Butch play for the Rookie League Kingsport Mets in Tennessee years ago. He charged the most perfect bunt and threw the guy out at first in a play that got my attention. An inning or so later, he hit the longest HR I've ever seen: the ball was still rising as it left the park. We tried chase down the ball, as others quit looking from the distance, but saw a dude picking up the ball at the post office loading dock a good distance from the park. I thought we had our next superstar.

ANTHONY RECKER Share your memories of Anthony Recker
Anthony Recker's complete Mets profile
Hot Foot
April 1, 2014
I like Recker I lot. He's clutch. There were a few times at different points last season that I thought he should be the Mets' starting catcher.

Tonight, on a whim, I looked up the 2013 game logs for Recker, John Buck, and Travis D'Arnaud. The Mets record in Recker's appearances: 27- 23 / in Starts: 20-14. The Mets record in Buck's appearances: 44-66 / in Starts: 42-60. The Mets record in D'Arnaud's appearances: 11-20 / in Starts: 11-19.

No wonder I like him. Plus he's clutch.

JOHAN SANTANA Share your memories of Johan Santana
Johan Santana's complete Mets profile
Shickhaus Franks
March 28, 2014
Just signed a minor league contract with the Baltimore Orioles. He should also be the next inductee into the Mets HOF for what he accomplished on June 1, 2012 aka the first Mets No-Hitter in history!

RANDY TATE Share your memories of Randy Tate
Randy Tate's complete Mets profile
tony bracci
April 1, 2014
To answer some of your questions on "what happened to Tate?", here are his minor league statistics after 1975 courtesy baseball-reference.com.

1976 Tidewater: 7-14 6.20 122ip, 136h, 93bb, 10hp, 14wp, 58k

1977 Lynchburg: 11-8 3.57 141ip, 134h, 100bb, 13wp, 79k

1978 Shreveport (Pirates AA), 3-8 4.46, 101ip, 107h, 66bb, 13wp, 62k

1978 Columbus (Pirates AAA), 0-2, 5,87, 23ip, 26h, 17bbb, 2wp, 6k

And quite honestly, the Mets called him up prematurely. Prior to '75, here are his numbers

1972 Marion: 0-9 6.00 60ip, 65h, 54bb, 20wp, 56k

1973 Pompano Beach: 4-10, 4.38, 117ip, 105h, 88bb, 14wp, 82k

1974 Anderson: 7-11 3.68, 159ip, 111h, 150bb, 23wp, 153k

1974 Tidewater: 2-0 1.06, 17ip, 10h, 8bb, 9k

Definitely a hard thrower whose pitches jumped out of the strike zone.

KELVIN TORVE Share your memories of Kelvin Torve
Kelvin Torve's complete Mets profile
NYB Buff
April 2, 2014
When Torve joined the Mets in 1990, he wore uniform number 24 before it was taken away in "honor" of Willie Mays. With 24 on his back, he got seven hits in 15 at bats for a .467 batting average. Mays only hit .238 with the Mets. The team should have let Kelvin keep #24!

JUSTIN TURNER Share your memories of Justin Turner
Justin Turner's complete Mets profile
Shickhaus Franks
April 1, 2014
Signed with the Dodgers and got to play in the landmark 2-game season opener in Sydney, Australia vs the Arizona Diamondbacks. G'day Justin.

FRANK VIOLA Share your memories of Frank Viola
Frank Viola's complete Mets profile
Kevin C. Delahanty MD
March 26, 2014
Frank is about to undergo open heart surgery. Good luck, Sir. Speedy recovery!

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