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Phillies 6, Mets 3
2009 Regular Season Game 59
June 12, 2009
Yankees 9, Mets 8
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Anthony R.
June 16, 2009
In all my years watching this team have heart- breaking losses and other disapointments., this ranks WAY up there. How can a blown lead by the great Mariano, and a bottom of the 9th, 2 out routine pop-up by "Mr Clutch" himself ARod result in a Met loss??? You have to be a Met fan to know it can happen... and it did.

June 16, 2009
I was about ready to punch a hole in my wall when I saw the ending to this game. Can't believe it. This has to be one of the worst losses in Mets history. Luis just catch the damn ball!

What is lost in all of this is that the Phillies lost and the Mets missed a chance to cut into their division lead. Kind of felt bad for Castillo afterwards as after my intense anger had gone away I realized that he is a human and as humans we all make mistakes. The one thing I can say about Manuel is that he does not seem to place any importance on fundamentals. Mets are a fundamentally challenged team. All these mistakes are going to cost them again come September unless Manuel gets off his but and makes these players practice fundamentals.

As a side note I heard that Brian Bruney made some comments about K-Rod. Bruney is a classless individual who needs to worry about coming back and actually doing something to help his own team. He can never and will never be mentioned in the same class as K-Rod. Hey Bruney why don't you take some lessons from your teammate Derek Jeter on how to conduct yourself with class and professionalism?

Shickhaus Franks
May 21, 2011
On the Boomer and Carton morning show yesterday morning, they replayed the Howie Rose and Gary Cohen calls from this game. Probably one of the worst regular-season losses in Mets history. Baseball 101 says you catch a pop-up with 2 hands, NOT one. For Evil Empire fans this was like spending a Saturday Night in a hot tub with Audrina Patridge; for Mets fans this was like the end of "Old Yeller" and that movie DIDN'T have a happy ending!! ENOUGH SAID!!

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