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May 22, 2009
Mets 5, Red Sox 3
2009 Regular Season Game 42
May 23, 2009
Mets 3, Red Sox 2
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May 24, 2009
Red Sox 12, Mets 5
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The Big H
May 26, 2009
What a great game. The video tape replay changed the outcome, correctly, for the Mets when Omir Santos, the catcher, hit a ninth-inning 2-out lead-reversing home run just over the Green Monster in Fenway. In the bottom of the ninth with Francisco Rodriguez unavailable, JJ Putz pitched the ninth. Every hitter besides the one he walked smashed the ball hard, and the Mets somehow converted them to outs, including great plays by Wright, Castillo and an excellent play by the shortstop Ramon Martinez to end the game. To quote Gary Cohen after two were out, "Putz isn't fooling anyone (hitter) tonight. He has to just not fool one more hitter."

May 26, 2009
Well, to me it was one of the best games in 2009 for the Mets. Josh Beckett of the Red Sox looked strong, our pitcher Mike Pelfrey looked decent I have to say. He pitched a better game than his last outing which was a "disaster of balks", but at least he kept the Mets in the game. The Mets blew some chances of scoring and going ahead during the game. Oh well.

The Mets losing 2-1 in the top of ninth, when the Red Sox brought in their closer Jonathan Papelbon I was saying, "The Mets need a miracle to slap this psycho around in the ninth." Hahaha boy they did. Sheffield leads off with a walk and then Omir Santos with a 2-run homer over the green monster. Obviously anybody can see that Santo's shot was clearly a home run, I don't know why the umpires (knowing it was outta here) were stupid enough to review the damn tape. After the call was made I jumped out of my chair excited going nuts!

And the bottom of the ninth was spectacular, Mets defense was AMAZIN to end the game once and for all.

GREAT COME FROM BEHIND WIN! It was 1986 all over again!

May 26, 2009
Wow what a win!! Did not think the Mets had a chance against Papelbon in the 9th. Santos with a huge home run wins the series for the Mets. Wright, Castillo and Martinez with game saving plays in the bottom of the ninth was great to see. Let's not forget Pelfrey's strong outing that gave the Mets a chance in the 9th.

September 30, 2015
It was my first time at Fenway - a Mets fan in Sox territory! I was sitting on the green monster for the home run - a security guy let me sneak up for the 8th and 9th inning. When Santos hit that home run I WAS GOING NUTS!! Everyone else was so angry around me saying it wasn't a home run. When the umpires looked at the feed and declared it a home run I couldn't contain myself. I was so happy. I'm surprised I survived leaving that game - although while we were leaving at the end EVERYONE started a "Yankees suck" chant, which really riled everyone up!! SO GOOD SO GOOD SO GOOD haha

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