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October 24, 2000
Mets 4, Yankees 2
2000 World Series Game 4
October 25, 2000
Yankees 3, Mets 2
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October 26, 2000
Yankees 4, Mets 2
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December 14, 2000
One of the most tense games I've been to, up there with Game 5 of the 1999 NLCS. When Bobby Jones's first pitch came, I was in disbelief when Derek Jeter blasted it into the left-centerfield bleachers. I was devastated, but I still had faith. When Mike Piazza's drive landed near where Jeter's did, Shea Stadium exploded! I was sitting in the upper level, and I thought the place was going to crumble! Even though the Mets lost, it was a great ballgame and a nailbiter (just like most of the Mets postseason games!).

July 30, 2003
This was one of the five playoff games I attended in 1999 & 2000 combined. I went with my dad, and we took the two upper deck tickets that came with the package. I will never forget Bobby Jones saying he threw the first pitch of the game right over the plate to Derek Jeter because he did not think he would hit it. That was majorly stupid. He pitched worse than his line for this game shows. Even a lot of the outs were hard hits off of him. It was still an awesome time, even with the result. I was a senior in high school, and will never forget it because of my bet with these Yankee fans (see my post under Game Five of this series). I also remember this Yankee fan near us who made a comment to my dad and I about how the Mets can still get Alex Rodriguez. It was a good-natured, wise guy remark.

August 14, 2009
My dad and brother were at this game... apparently when Jeter hit that home run, the Baha Men (who had done a pregame concert performing "Who Let the Dogs Out") were still taking some of their equipment off the field.

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