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September 30, 1984
Expos 5, Mets 4
1985 Regular Season Game 1
April 9, 1985
Mets 6, Cardinals 5
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April 11, 1985
Mets 2, Cardinals 1
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National League Standings, April 9, 1985

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flushing flash
August 18, 2000
Probably the coldest Mets game I have ever attended. My scorecard from that game looks like chicken scratch because my fingers were frozen. But of course it ended with one of the most memorable home runs in Mets history -- Gary Carter's game-winning blast off Neil Allen in the tenth inning of his first game as a Met. Then rose the most enormous roar I had ever heard from the Shea faithful, and all the way down the ramps the delirious fans were screaming GARY!! GARY!! GARY!! You just knew it was the beginning of something special.

Mr. Sparkle
September 12, 2001
I'll never forget this game for a couple of reasons. 1) it was opening day of what we were all hoping was to be a new era with the leagues stud catcher Gary Carter behind the plate. 2) I was thrown out of the game with two of my friends when one of them who was bombed out of his head got into a fight with the guy in front of him who was trying to enjoy the game with his young son. He had told us a couple of times to watch our language as we were quite loud and obnoxious. In about the 4th inning he got up to take his son to the bathroom and my friend said " Oh you're leaving, good!" The man got upset said something back and fists were flying. I tries to break it up but very quickly cops came and kicked out my friend, who deserved it, my other friend who joined in the fight, he deserved it too, and me who actually tried to break it up, I swear. So we walked around the stadium, slipped an usher a 5 and he let us back in. We ended up with much better seat, on the field and were there for Carter's memorable homer off of Neil Allen. I'll never forget that home run and I'm glad I talked my two friends into going back in. We were 22 years old and stupid but I will never forget that day. Luckily we drove home safely. And as a father of three I can relate to the poor guy in front of us that day.

All-time Metfan
October 31, 2001
The first game I can honestly remember. Tho I had been going since I was 3, which was 1982, making me 6 in '85. Not knowing too much what was going on, I focused on drinking hot chocolate and staying warm. It was real cold that day and I couldnt understand why my dad took me somewhere I would freeze to death. Carter comes up in extra innings and my dad told me to get up and cheer, going along with directions I did so, and it was as if my father magically willed Gary to knock that Neil Allen slider into the cards bullpen. At six, it was hard to follow baseball as it was when I was older, but I knew that I would love going to games after this!

rob sayegh
March 10, 2002
my god it was about 32 degrees I was frozen sat in cheap seats 6 rows behind us 7 of my highschool teachers are there we walked down in bottom of 10th to box seats and when carter hit the ball I yelled and I said yes but when I saw lonnie smith I thought the bastard caught it but everybody got up and walked out so I knew and the gary gary chants down the ramps outside the stadium I had never seen anything like it I had not been to Shea stadium since 1980 5 years I had so much fun

It gets by Buckner
July 8, 2002
Ditto on the cold. I have experienced 19 degrees below in January and I'm telling you that April afternoon at Shea felt worse! I seriously thought I was going to get frostbite. And I remember the first inning took about 45 or 50 minutes to play and my fingers and toes were going numb by the third inning. Left after the regulation nine and missed Carter's home run!

July 4, 2004
Yeah, it was cold.

Add to the picture my usual upper deck seats and my usual beer buzz, and this was a tough ten innings.

We were moving toward left field to catch the sliver of sun left in the stadium when Carter's HR cleared the wall. The picture is quite vivid still.

What a great day. We all knew this team was going in the right direction and NYC was a Met town all the way. The Yankees were nowhere!

Joe From Jersey
December 26, 2005
I remember an article in the Daily News about how cold it was at Shea that day. One fan commented that Doc shoulda NOT pitched that day. The tag line "Where's Jay Hook when you needed him?" I wasn't at the game, thank god, I watched on Ch. 9 (So glad the game wasn't on cable; didn't get it until '87) and saw Carter's walk-off HR. They didn't call it a walk-off back then. Welcome to New York, Kid!

John T Greenpoint
April 2, 2007
2nd coldest game I have attended. The first was in 2003 Home opener. Will never forget how Shea was shaking when Gary Carter hit that home run off of Neil Allen. Would love SNY to put this on as a Mets CLASSIC!

Tom Quinn
August 7, 2007
A typical windy, frigid April day at Shea. Why is it always ten degrees colder inside Shea than outside? The Kid becomes a Met and gives Whitey Herzog agita by homering off Neil Allen, who the Cards got for Hernandez. In my top ten of game thrills I've seen at Shea.

Ed K
June 3, 2008
Also, HoJo's first game as a Met. he had a single and an RBI that made Gary carter's 10th inning heroics possible.

Karaoke Joe
April 26, 2010
Hard to believe it's now 25 years since this game! Remember watching the game on TV and Gary Carter's game winning HR made it a memorable 18th birthday! It's also nice to see the bat Gary used for that game winning HR as one of the items in Citi Field's new Mets Hall of Fame and Museum.

Gregg H
December 28, 2010
My first game as a vendor, I was trying to sell Coke to the upper deck in that cold. It was also my last game as a vendor.

Tom C.
April 12, 2012
My first ever Opening Day at Shea and oh how cold it was! We sat in the top row of the Upper Deck (behind home plate) and witnessed Gary Carter's first game as a Met. Mets seemed to have game in hand until the Cards came back late to tie (believe off Doug Sisk). Then Gary sent everyone home happy with his dramatic walk-off HR. Welcome to New York, Gary!

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