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October 2, 1983
Mets 5, Expos 4
1984 Regular Season Game 1
April 2, 1984
Reds 8, Mets 1
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April 4, 1984
Mets 2, Reds 0
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National League Standings, April 2, 1984

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Richard Biever
October 25, 2001
Mets-Reds ... Opening Day ... Riverfront — and I had gotten tickets way back in early January expecting to see my boyhood hero, Tom Seaver, on the mound starting his second Opening Day Game in his second go-round with the Mets.

Ha! Little did I know Mets General Manager Frank Cashen, who left Seaver's name off the free-agent compensation pool protection list, and the evil Chicago White Sox were conspiring against me, Seaver and Mets fans everywhere!! Just days after I got my Opening Day tickets, the White Sox shanghaied Seaver from the Mets in one of the most notorious, unjust and absurd heists in baseball history!!

My college girlfriend (a Reds fan) and I (trying to forget the Seaver fiasco) skipped classes at Indiana University in Bloomington that day and drove over to Cincinnati in my Chevy Vega for what should have been a glorious day of baseball. And it was if you were a Reds fan. But, for me, instead of Seaver, I saw Mike Torrez. MIKE TORREZ for goodness sakes!! Torrez and the Mets were hammered. The only highlight was Darryl Strawberry's towering solo home run to right. Torrez didn't even last out the season with the Mets.

The only consolation to the whole messy affair was the Mets incredible start (after the opening day loss) and exciting 1984 season (in which they finally shed the cellar and contended against the Cubs most all the way through September) which was followed by four more wonderful seasons!

But not getting a chance to Seaver start, (and finish his career with the Mets) ... fifteen years later, and I'm still ticked!!

Richard Biever
October 30, 2001
Oops, make that 17 years and I'm still ticked.

rob sayegh
March 9, 2002
i remember this game my freshman year of highschool,on the bus going to msgr scanlan in the bronx we sat on the Q44 ugly old bus and we were depressed but we said well they allways win every year and finish with 100 losses now maybe a first game loss will make them a contender boy where we right!!!

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