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August 20, 1977
Reds 8, Mets 2
1977 Regular Season Game 123
August 21, 1977
Reds 5, Mets 1
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Keith Mandra
August 20, 2002
I remember this game as being the first start Seaver had against the Mets ; (at least at Shea), since he was "given" away to the Reds. My dad and I had field box seats behind 3rd base. What a sad day for Met fans. It was so strange to see "The Franchise" pitching against the Mets. It just did not seem right. It was as if I had a nightmare, but unfortunately it was all too real.

October 21, 2003
Seaver vs. Koosman. They both pitched very well, but of course Seaver faced the weak Mets lineup while Koosman had to deal with the "Big Red Machine." The Mets pulled Jerry in the 8th to a standing ovation by the big crowd. He deserved it. He got even with Seaver in a rematch the next summer. They both pitched well in that game too.

Fan 5/31/64 - 8/11/94
April 12, 2005
How strange it was to actually root HARD for the other team that day. I remember that Koosman volunteered to start so the other pitchers would not have to deal with the pressure.

If I'm not mistaken, both Seaver and Koosman were on Kiner's Korner after the game, possibly the only time a player from both the winning and losing team were on the Korner. Seaver doubled off of Koosman and that was all he wanted to talk about.

After the game, their two respective families were to get together for a BBQ. I remember thinking how cool and gracious Koosman seemed.

December 10, 2006
I don't remember much about this game except that this was Tom Seaver's first game against the Mets at Shea. I had asked my dad to take me because Seaver was my favorite Met (still is) and I was very upset by the trade (I cried), I remember cheering him but of course once the game started rooting for the Mets of course!!

May 31, 2007
This was my big sister's wedding day, and I kept coming back to her dressing room to check on the score! I seem to remember that in one of the innings Seaver walked off the mound and accidentally headed towards the 1B side, instead of the visitors' dugout on the 3B side.

albert st. onge
December 28, 2010
I don't remember much as I was 7, except that it was my first time to see a game and really remember my grandfather really hating Pete Rose. I only remember walking towards the stadium and trying to keep score with my mom. I still have the score book with what I had written, which is how I found the game. I remember they lost... I am now researching it and realize that it was Seaver's first game back in Shea. I know we had these tickets long before the game so this must have been quite an exciting coincidence for my grandfather and the other adults.

April 20, 2012
I remember how sad it was. Koosman went on short rest because he really wanted to go against his old friend. Seaver beat him at the plate with a hit, but Koos took Tom to the warning track with a long fly ball. I remember thinking how cool it would have been if it went out.

Larry at 16 (in 1977)
January 30, 2013
What I recall best is how it ended: a perfect pitch, fastball low and away to Ron Hodges for a called 3rd strike. Nowadays, only relievers, since renamed closers, are playing that role. It was actually a normal Seaver effort, but made a bit easier facing for the first time the anemic lineup he never had the pleasure of pitching against hitherto, instead having been one of its prime victims. Bitterness and revenge are not Seaver characteristics, but it was Justice Day at Shea.

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