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September 30, 1962
Cubs 5, Mets 1
1963 Regular Season Game 1
April 9, 1963
Cardinals 7, Mets 0
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April 10, 1963
Cardinals 4, Mets 0
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National League Standings, April 9, 1963

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Gerry Alfani
September 2, 2001
I was at this game. I really don't remember any thing about the game itself. But I along with 3 other guys cut school to welcome Duke Snider back to New York. The funny thing was we all got caught because our picture was on the front cover of the New York Daily News.

Ed Rimer
February 22, 2006
I was at this game with Bruce from Bayside and other friends sitting in the upper left field stands. The first at bat Brock hit a slow roller to Charlie Neal at 3rd, who promptly threw it over the head of the 1st baseman. Brock went to 3rd, the Cardinals scored, and it was wait 'til next year.

Ed Rimer
March 1, 2006
I attended the game with some friends (including Bruce from Bayside). We sat in the upper left field stands. The first play Curt Flood hit a slow roller to third. Charlie Neal threw it over the first baseman's head and Flood wound up on 3rd. The Cardinals won and we all knew that '63 would be like '62, but that didn't keep us from rooting for the Mets.

Bob P
March 1, 2006
Ed, it was actually Curt Flood who led off this game for the Cards, not Lou Brock. Brock was still with the Cubs. In fact, the man he was traded for--Ernie Broglio--pitched a 2-hit shutout for the Cards in this game!

Larry Burright had both Mets hits, a leadoff single in the bottom of the first, and a leadoff double in the top of the ninth. Broglio allowed just two other baserunners in the game, and from the second until the ninth he retired twenty Mets batters in a row.

This was also the first major league game for Al Moran, and for Don Rowe, a lefty who relieved Roger Craig in the fifth inning. While pitching to his first-ever major league batter--who just happened to be Stan Musial--Rowe committed a balk! Can you blame him?

Rowe wound up getting into 26 games and pitching 52 innings before disappearing off the major league radar in July of 1963.

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