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July 26, 1969
Mets 3, Reds 2
1969 Regular Season Game 96
July 27, 1969
Reds 6, Mets 3
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July 30, 1969
Astros 16, Mets 3
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February 8, 2006
I was 12 years old and I remember the game like it was only yesterday. It was my first Met game ever, and it was also batting helmet day. I remember seeing all the hot dog wrappers and the plastic from the batting helmets blowing around in right field where Pete Rose was playing. I remember Nolan Ryan striking out 4 or 5 batters in 2 innings pitched. Also I remember Tony Perez hitting a home run, I think off of Tug McGraw. Mets lose the first game I ever went to, but who cares it was the year of the miracle Mets. I spent many future summers going to Shea Stadium. I used to call Shea Stadium my second home.

Michael SanPietro
October 28, 2006
Like Richard this was also my first game. My mother had Diamond Club passes and seats on Press Level that belonged to the Queens Borough president. I remember riding the 7 train and seeing the orange, sky blue, and teal(?) art deco metal hanging from cables on the outside of the stadium and then seeing the green grass and huge scoreboard. I remember the PA announcer and the Reds players names I heard in the starting lineup: Pat Corrales, Chico Ruiz. I saw 3 Hall-of-Famers that day: Ryan, Rose, Bench and that started a love affair that continues to this day. I was 6 and 1/2. This site has enabled me to pin this game and countless others down. I knew it was a Sunday and Cardwell started and the two Reds I mentioned were in the starting lineup and that the Mets lost 5-3 I think.

Shawn Davis
July 22, 2007
It was my first game, as well, at the age of 7. Batting Helmet Day made Shea look like a sea of blue. I'd love to know what the attendance figures were for this game. I'm pretty sure it was sold out. All through the game, I kept asking my father, "Why don't I hear Bob Murphy, Lindsey Nelson, and Ralph Kiner?" Their voices were so ingrained in my mind that I took for granted that it was a live game I was watching. I remember that Don Cardwell started, and that Cleon, Tommie, and Buddy were in the starting lineup. I also remember Tony Perez hitting a home run, with Bench and Rose in the Reds lineup. Finally, some fans ran into the outfield late in the game, and everyone was having a good time watching the police try to catch them. It was the first of many games I've enjoyed at Shea, and the beginning of a love affair with live baseball games.

Shickhaus Franks
September 16, 2007
Here is your answer Mr. Shawn Davis for your attendance question. According to retrosheet.org: 55,391.

Jack Waslin
October 6, 2010
My first game, too. My most vivid memories are the batting helmets all over the place, and Don Cardwell getting hammered. Pete Rose led off the game with a double (I believe) off the left center field wall. I remember being crushed that Bud Harrelson was not in the lineup that day.

I miss Shea.

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